The Funniest Fan Reactions to Bran Stark Becoming King in 'Game of Thrones' : 'Slow Clap'

Isaac Hempstead Wright has played Bran since the HBO show premiered in 2011

WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from season 8 of Game of Thrones.

On the series finale of Game of Thrones, Bran Stark was named king of Westeros — and Twitter had a field day.

Bran, fourth child of Eddard and Catelyn Stark, has been played by Isaac Hempstead Wright since the HBO show premiered in 2011. As a warg and the new Three-Eyed Raven, Bran is able to enter the minds of animals to perceive the world through their senses and even control their actions.

That said, in comparison to the rest of the contenders for the Iron Throne, Bran’s character was largely undeveloped, not to mention missing in action for certain chunks of the series. Luckily, that provided ample comedic material for when he became ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

Check out some of the funniest Twitter reactions below:

Speaking to E! News last month, Hempstead Wright, 20, said saying goodbye to his character after so many years was an “emotional” journey.

“It was really sad. Saying goodbye to Bran and putting that costume away for the last time was like, wow. It was really weird,” he said. “I’m never in my life going to be Bran Stark again, the person I’ve got to play for the last ten years of my life. It’s a pretty huge chapter of my life to say goodbye to, so it was emotional.”

Game of Thrones
Maisie Williams, Isaac Hempstead Wright, and Sophie Turner. Macall B. Polay/HBO

But just because the show is ending doesn’t mean he intends to lose touch with any of his costars.

“I think a lot of us will be keen to do the reunions,” he said. “We’ve got a little group chat so people are always popping up ideas in there of when we should hang out. Somebody mentioned Ibiza. We’ll have to see.”

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