Bravo's Gallery Girls only lasted one season on Bravo but has become a cult favorite among fans since it wrapped in October 2012

By Dave Quinn
April 28, 2020 04:36 PM
Gallery Girls cast
The cast of Bravo's Gallery Girls
| Credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

It's been nearly eight years since Bravo aired the final episode of Gallery Girls, but the short-lived series has remained a treasured hit in the eyes of a fans.

The one-season wonder, which ran for eight episodes in the late summer and early fall of 2012, followed seven women — Chantal Chadwick, Kerri Lisa, Liz Margulies, Angela Pham, Amy Poliakoff, Claudia Reardon and Maggie Schaffer — as they attempted to break into New York City's cutthroat art world.

Of course, that wasn't easy. Most of the girls worked unpaid internships while trying to support themselves in between gallery openings and art shows.

Not all have remained in the business since the show ended. Here's what they're up to now:


Undoubtedly Gallery Girls' breakout star, Chadwick's no-nonsense personality and dry sense of humor earned her the villain reputation on the show ("I need some real coffee. This tastes like Folgers."). After shuttering End of Century — the Lower East Side gallery and boutique she ran with Martinez and friend Lara Hodulick — in 2013, Chadwick opened and closed another hybrid space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She went on to split from her boyfriend, Spencer, and leave the Big Apple for Los Angeles in 2014.

Since then, Chadwick become a partner at an art agency called Assortment, helping brands create websites, campaigns, events and more. She's also turned her focus to music, teaming with producer Brian Allen Simon to form a group called Pétra. Their first full-length LP dropped last September, on Injazero Records.

"Living in New York taught me how to hustle, how to be uncomfortable most of the time, and how to use that discomfort to inform my creative process," she told Urban Outfitters' blog in 2015. "L.A. has taught me how to relax, how to live in the moment, and how to find inspiration in my immediate surroundings."


Gallery Girls
Kerri Lisa in 2013
| Credit: Thomas Levinson/MLB via Getty

Of all the Gallery Girls, Lisa seemed to have the strongest work ethic. The New York native maintained a full-time job at high-end luxury concierge service Four Hundred while juggling an internship with art advisor Sharon Coplan Hurowitz. Her hope, as she outlined throughout the series, was to start her own brand that merged art and hospitality. But Lisa never ended up going that far, staying at Four Hundred, where, according to her LinkedIn bio, she's now director of travel and art.

"I am now able to learn even more about the design process and art elements that are changing the hospitality business," she told BravoTV in 2012. "I also facilitate all of the art requests that come into the company like finding/locating a certain work, planning art functions and events such as Art Basel."


Born into the industry, the ever outspoken Liz was determined to shed her drug-fueled, bad-girl reputation and make a name for herself in the art world without using the connections of her father, world-renowned collector Marty Margulies.

She appears to have succeeded: she nabbed her BFA in design from the School of Visual Arts, and a Masters in modern and contemporary art from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York. In 2017, Liz — who now goes by Elizabeth — started her own art consulting business, where she advises private collectors and collaborates with clients in reality estate, hospitality, entertainment, and more to develop memorable art activations.

She still resides in New York City.


You couldn't write a more distinct character than Pham. The Vietnamese-American photographer loved being in the spotlight, leaving behind her strict upbringing in Orange County, California, and letting loose as the cameras rolled in the Big Apple.

Though she dreamed of being an N.Y.C "It girl" ("This event is supposed to make me buzz-worthy!" she famously said on the show, in which she also posed topless), Pham has since found her success behind the camera. She and pal Sam Deitch founded Deitch Pham, a commercial photography business that, according to its website, serves "the marketing and social media arms of fashion, hospitality, and lifestyle brands." Clients include Daily Harvest, Alice + Olivia, Haper’s Bazar, Postmates, bareMinerals and Nicole Miller.

Pham and her boyfriend live in upstate New York.


Gallery Girls
Amy Poliakoff on Gallery Girls
| Credit: Charles Trainor/Bravo

Poliakoff struggled to beat away the "spoiled" label amongst the group, what with her father letting her live rent-free in her New York City apartment while she hilariously boasted to the group, "I get my hair done four times a week. It’s New York!"

In total, the Florida native spent five years working in the Big Apple before moving back to her hometown of Miami. She's since worked as a sales director for two major galleries, she revealed on Instagram Live on Tuesday, and is currently prepping to start her own art advisory firm to help curate collections for galleries.


Claudia Martinez Reardon
Claudia Martinez Reardon
| Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

After closing End of Century, Reardon and Chadwick went their separate ways, with Reardon calling her partner a "pathological liar." She's since kept a low profile, staying private on social media. It's unclear if she's still in the art world.


Gallery Girls
Maggie Schaffer
| Credit: Giovanni Rufino/Bravo

Like Reardon, Schaffer's stayed away from the spotlight since Gallery Girls wrapped. According to an update on in 2015, she finally left the Eli Klein gallery after years of interning there for free, getting a job as the assistant director of sales for a private art advisory from 2013 to 2014. It appears she didn't stick around the industry much longer. "I don't know if this shady, every-man-for-themselves environment is too much for me," she told the network. "I'll be the first to say I don't know if I'm cut out for it and it breaks my heart to think that."