The showrunners of the Netflix reboot tell PEOPLE Fuller House might have taken on a totally different look

Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix

John Stamos has strong feelings about the Fuller House set.

As he tells PEOPLE, “To me, the house is a character, you know?”

We do. So it came as a great surprise to learn that a recreation of the Tanner family’s San Francisco home was not always going to be the set of the Netflix spinoff.

“There was a lot of talk about contemporizing it even up until the very end,” says Stamos. “A lot of people wanted the girls living in this high-rise apartment thing, Sex and the City talk. And we were like, no, no, no, no.”

“When we started pitching it, we said we’ll start the show at the new house that D.J. has been living in with her children,” adds executive producer Bob Boyett. “At some point, we’d probably have the whole cast together in a reunion thing over at the old house. Then we went, what are we talking about? The set is as important a character as any of these characters. Of course they’re going to live in the old house!”

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Boyett further explains: “We had this whole pitch about the [Tanner family] house is listed [for sale], people are coming to see and it’s making them emotional … And we thought, what are we talking about here?”

So the entire set was rebuilt, frame-by-frame, by production designer Jerry Dunn. (The original plans for the Full House set were lost.) And the result made people very happy.

“If you’re really looking closely, there are a few things about the house that are different,” says show creator Jeff Franklin of the new set. Still, “essentially it’s the same house. It was so fun to see the cast walk onto that stage for the first time. There were tears all over the place. It was like everybody was home again.”

No one more so than Stamos, who says he cried when he saw the first show promo, which features only sweeping shots of the house.

Watching that trailer, says Stamos, “finally broke me down.”

Fuller House is now streaming on Netflix.