All About the Men in the 'Fuller House' Ladies' Lives — Including NKOTB!

"Steph gets a man this season!" Sweetin gushed to PEOPLE

You’re never too old to fan girl out — and the ladies of Fuller House are no exception!

Ahead of season 2’s release on Netflix Friday, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber of the hit series, opened up to PEOPLE about the exciting moment when the guys of New Kids on the Block made a special appearance on set.

“That was a 30-year dream come true,” Barber, who plays Kimmy Gibler, admitted. “We wanted them on the original series, [it] couldn’t happen, because they were too big, so the fact that they’re on the show now, is so big. We did our first scene together with them, and Jodie was like, ‘You are ridiculous! Your adrenaline is so high right now!’ ”

“They were screaming!” Sweetin jokingly added. “I was not a boy band-type of girl, but it was fun to watch. It’s like watching your older sisters have the moment of their life and I just didn’t get it … but it was fun to take the pictures. They were all so wonderful, they just had a blast.”

“They were really fun to work with,” Barber, 40, continued. “We would have them back, I wouldn’t mind working in a love story there.”

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The NKOTB aren’t the only men stealing hearts in the Tanner house this season, Stephanie (Sweetin) is getting a love interest, but he’s no Joe Schmo – he’s Kimmy Gibler’s brother!

“Steph gets a man this season!” Sweetin gushed. “She gets a boyfriend, which is great, because she gets to become a little more grounded and settled in her life here with the family.”

“Season 1 she was still trying to adjust to [her life], but now she’s starting to become really more involved in the kids’ lives, with her sister’s life, and her sister wife and have a relationship,” the 34-year-old actress continued. “It freaks her out a little bit. She doesn’t know quite what to do with that. Her usual MO is to boogie and now she wants to stay.”

“I feel like Steph gets a lot of depth, yes it’s a fun, silly comedy, but I get to add a little history in there,” she added.

As for Kimmy, Barber revealed that her character’s relationship status is “complicated.” Last season ended with Kimmy and Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace), getting engaged for a second time… right after they’d divorced.

“It’s exciting; [Fernando] is around a lot more this season. Our status as a couple is we are still divorced, but engaged, which is complicated,” Barber said. “We play these very eccentric characters so we have a lot of funny comedy together.”

“He’s just such a great guy to work with,” she added. “We bring the funny!”

Season 2 of Fuller House begins streaming Friday on Netflix.

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