"I love that we have a female-driven show with three female characters," Candace Cameron Bure told PEOPLE

By Scott Huver Brittany King
July 28, 2016 12:15 AM

The power of Full House continues to impact younger generations, and Candace Cameron Bure couldn’t be more happier about that.

On Wednesday, while attending the Crown Media event at the Television Critics Association conference in Beverly Hills, California, the actress opened up about how relatable Fuller House continues to be – especially for young girls.

“I love that we have a female-driven show with three female characters,” Cameron Bure told PEOPLE. “And we all have different love lives, we all have different personalities in the way we go about doing life. So I think our show represents many different people out there. I think that you can watch it and you’ll relate to at least one of the characters, so the diversity that way within the relationships is a good thing.”

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The 40-year-old actress also touched on the power of the show itself for fans.

“It’s been nothing but wonderful and great,” she said. “I mean, I know the critics didn’t receive it as well as all the fans did, but that was to be expected because Full House was never received by critics – it was always the fans, and that’s why we’re on television.”

“There have been numbers that have gone out, and we’ve seen the demographics of where we hit because we’re such an international show,” Cameron Bure added. “Netflix instantly goes international. So we’re overjoyed and ecstatic, and yet we’re not surprised that the fans have loved it. We’ve made this for them.”

Cameron Bure’s costar Lori Loughlin agreed the wave of support for the revival has “been pretty amazing.”

“I think we all knew that our show was loved, but I don’t think that we really knew the impact until they said they were bringing it back, and when the fan excitement was overwhelming,” she said. “I think that took all of us aback, we were taken aback for a moment. It’s really cool. We have multiple generations of fans.”