John Stamos: Lori Loughlin and I Had 'Undeniable Chemistry' on 'Full House'

Fans "loved seeing us together" the actor has told PEOPLE of Loughlin

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As the Full House faithful wait for more spin-off casting news (will Aunt Becky reunite with Uncle Jesse?), we thought we’d take a nostalgic look back at these two – and why fans always hoped they’d be a real-life couple.

“Well, we had – not just us, everyone on the show had – this undeniable chemistry. People loved seeing us together,” John Stamos told PEOPLE of his TV wife Lori Loughlin in 2012.

The Jesse and Becky chatter continued when Loughlin, 50, talked about Stamos, 51, in an interview the following year.

“I was actually married at the time that I was doing the show,” she said of the Full House years. “And then when I got divorced, [John] met Rebecca Romijn, and he got married so our timing was just really off. I don’t think it ever entered our minds that it would be something more.”

Speak for yourself, Aunt Becky! Three months later on Huffpost Live, Stamos revealed that he and Loughlin (who is now married to designer Mossimo Giannulli with two teenage daughters) “actually did date.”

“We went on a date to Disneyland before we were both married. In real life, when we were 18, 19 years old,” he said. “No disrespect to her family and her husband now, I would say that she could be the one that got away. She’s one of my dearest friends, and that’s good enough. I really do adore her.”

And fans adore them, from their smooch after Jesse and the Rippers’ 2013 performance on Fallon to Loughlin’s nostalgia treasure trove of an Instagram, featuring snaps of the two together (Stamos posted a cute one, too).

Below, a sampling from their respective social media of Jesse and Becky “Forever.” (See what we did there?)

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