Candace Cameron Bure Hopes 'Everyone' Will Return for the 'Full House' Reboot

The actress shares some exciting details of the new show

Photo: ABC Photo Archives/Getty

It was the news that Full House fans had been waiting for.

Candace Cameron Bure is hopeful that Netflix’s reboot will include at least one episode with the entire Tanner family.

“I hope everyone will be on the show,” Cameron Bure, 39, tells PEOPLE. “There are a lot of talks right now. Fans of the show won’t be disappointed. I promise.”

We believe her. DJ Tanner wouldn’t lie.

Cameron Bure adds that she’s “thrilled” to reprise her role.

“It’s like a new adventure to me,” she says. “I’m really excited. In some ways, Full House never stopped. The show has new generations of fans, and I will be forever known as DJ.”

The show was abruptly cancelled in 1995, leaving many fans wanting more. “We never had a final episode,” she says. “In many ways, our last episode was like just another episode. That will make it easy for us to pick up where Full House left off.”

Here’s the premise of the new show, tentatively called Fuller House: Cameron Bure plays a widowed 30-something mother of three children. To help out, she asks her sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweeten) and best friend Kimmy Gibler (Andrea Barber) to move in. “So fans will get to see what these three women, now in their 30s, are up to,” she says.

“I really wanted to revisit the show in a new, fresh, modern way,” she continues. “I’ve got to have a lot of input on my character, to decide what DJ would be doing now. I’m really comfortable with the way it’s working out.”

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