'Full House' and 'Friends' : Adventures in (Pretend) Real Estate

Neither the Tanners nor Monica and Rachel would likely have been able to afford those awesome homes

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It’s something every Full House and Friends fan has wondered: How could the Tanners/Monica and Rachel possibly afford to live there?

Short answer: They couldn’t. Because, reality.

But just how much do you need to suspend disbelief when it comes to this prime television real estate? Trulia decided to find out.

According to the real estate website, the iconic home used in exterior shots on Full House (rumored to be getting a TV revival) in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood sold for $2,865,000 in 2013. Based on the site’s calculations, Danny, Uncle Jesse and Joey would be priced out of the home – big time.

If the guys had put down 20 percent with a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage at 4.1 percent at 1709 Broderick Street, their monthly mortgage payment would top $14,000, according to Trulia.

If Danny made close to $160,000 as the host of Wake Up San Francisco, the site adds, Joey made $30,000 doing stand-up and Jesse made $48,000 as a musician, they could only afford a home around $1.23 million or in the neighborhood of a $6,000 mortgage.

(Clearly, Trulia is not factoring in Jesse’s success with The Rippers in Japan, but still )

As for Friends, every New Yorker knows that an apartment like Monica’s in the Village is the stuff of rent control dreams.

So while it’s hard to say exactly what that eclectic apartment would be worth today, Trulia’s research shows that the median cost of a two bedroom, one bath apartment in the West Village is $5,100 a month.

And if Monica made upwards of $82,000 as an executive chef and Rachel made $57,000 as a fashion coordinator, they could afford to rent an apartment up to $3,600 a month.

(There is, however, a mention on the show of Monica illegally subletting the impossibly cheap apartment from a family member thanks to rent control, so that could also explain it. Yes, we watch too many ’90s reruns.)

And we’ll leave you with this fun fact: While the Tanner house and the Friends apartment are actually located 2,500 miles apart in New York City and San Francisco, the shows were actually shot much closer … on the very same soundstage on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, California.

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