James Michael Tyler gives the classic Rembrandts song a depressing spin
Credit: Derek Storm/Everett

Gunther is giving a whole new meaning to the song “I’ll be There for You.”

James Michael Tyler, who played coffee shop manager extraordinaire Gunther on Friends, recently recited lyrics from the The Rembrandts’ classic theme song. While in the context of the show’s opening credits, the lyrics are an encouraging anthem about friends sticking together, the way he reads it makes lines like, “life’s a joke, you’re broke, you’re love life’s DOA,” seem downright depressing.

He recorded the video at Comedy Central UK’s FriendsFest, which takes place this week in London and features plenty of ’90s nostalgia, including a full-scale replica of Monica’s (Courtney Cox) apartment.

Friends stars Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc recently sat down with PEOPLE and revealed they wanted their characters Joey and Phoebe to be more than friends.

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“Towards the end we actually pitched the idea that Joey and Phoebe had been having casual sex the entire time,” LeBlanc said. “We’d go back and shoot all the historical scenes and just before a moment that everyone recognizes, there’s Joey and Phoebe coming out of a broom closet together. But they were like, ‘Nah.’ ”

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