August 12, 2015 05:00 PM

It seems like every time our favorite TV characters take a vacation, they end up in one of three main destinations: Hawaii, Paris or Disney World.

It makes sense that these would be such popular destinations – after all; they’re familiar, easy to film in and ripe for sitcom hijinks. And really, who doesn’t want to hang with Mickey and Minnie or sunbathe in the tropics or even take a romantic stroll along the Seine?

Since all three of these locations seemed to entice our favorite shows over and over again, we couldn’t help but wonder which other exotic destinations are statistically more likely to attract our favorite TV shows. Since we never pass up an excuse to binge watch Friends and Saved by the Bell, we dug through some classic shows from the TV archives and did a little math. You’ll notice that some shows managed to rack up some serious frequent flier miles during their runs!

9. The Hamptons (4 shows)
It’s not all glitz and glamour in the Hamptons. Okay, it was mostly glitz and glamour when Gossip Girl, Sex and the City and Friends came to town … but for Seinfeld, there’s a different word that sums up the experience

8. Italy (5 shows)
Che bellissima! Whether they’re traveling to their homeland, studying abroad or simply dying for some pasta that’s truly al dente, everyone from Everybody Loves Raymond and The Sopranos to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Simpsons and I Love Lucy have felt molto amore for the Boot.

7. Caribbean Islands (7 Shows)
Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados and even that deserted island that the Golden Girls got stuck on have been all too TV-worthy to resist. Among the shows that have journeyed to the tropics are Modern Family, Scrubs, Friends, Ugly Betty, Who’s the Boss and The Simpsons.

6. Disney World and Disney Land (7 Shows)
Fact: Nobody is immune to magic of the Mouse House. Nobody. Not Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Modern Family, Full House, Boy Meets World, The Steve Harvey Show, Step by Step or even Roseanne.

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5. London (8 shows)
Great Britain’s capital is the perfect choice for TV adventures. Everyone speaks English, there are plenty of iconic locations, and the Queen jokes practically write themselves! Among those who have heard London calling are Married with Children, Parks and Recreation, The Late Show with David Letterman, I Love Lucy, The Simpsons, Family Ties, American Dad and, of course, Friends.

4. Los Angeles (8 shows)
Sure, most of these shows actually shoot in L.A., but that doesn’t mean the characters can’t give in to call the call from the bright lights of Hollywood. Plus, it’s all the fun of a beach episode, without the travel hassle, right Sex and the City (which also ventured upstate to San Francisco), I Love Lucy, Mad Men, The Mindy Project, Modern Family, Ally McBeal, Who’s the Boss and The Simpsons?

3. Paris (9 shows)
A French adventure? Oui, oui! Whether shows are looking for a touch of glamour, an opportunity for a language mix-up or just had a little extra money in the budget, Paris is the perfect sitcom vacation. Just ask Beverly Hills 90210, Parks and Recreation, Blossom, The Monkees, Gossip Girl, The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson, Gilmore Girls, Family Matters and Rugrats (which gave the big-screen treatment the city of Lights).

2. Las Vegas (10 shows)
Ah Vegas, the international capital of bad decisions everywhere. If you’re looking to add a little drama via an accidental wedding or just feel like the jingling of slot machines will add a nice soundtrack to your plots, the iconic, neon-lit Strip is the place for you, TV show! Specifically, what happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas for Modern Family, Coach, The Drew Carey Show, Grace Under Fire, Friends, Malcolm in the Middle, Baby Daddy, Roseanne, Ellen and Saved by the Bell.

1. Hawaii (14 shows)
Turns out, nobody can resist a tropical vacation – even if they do tend to end in sunburns, accidental luau fires, lost children and cursed necklaces. Among those who have checked in for a beach vacation are The Brady Bunch, Modern Family, Saved By the Bell, My Wife and Kids, Mama’s Family, The Jeffersons, Step by Step, I Love Lucy, Growing Pains, Full House, South Park, Charlie’s Angels, Sesame Street and Sanford and Son.

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