Even FOX called the never-ran LAX 2194 "the worst thing we've ever seen in our lives"

February 18, 2015 11:20 AM

Could Matthew Perry be any luckier?

When he had the chance to audition for the role of Chandler Bing, he narrowly avoided having to skip the Friends audition because he was committed to another series called LAX 2194 that even FOX, the show’s own network, called “the worst thing we’ve ever seen in our lives,” Perry joked.

The show was about “baggage handlers at the [Los Angeles] airport in the year 2194,” Perry, 45, revealed to Seth Meyers on Late Night on Tuesday. “I was wearing a futuristic shirt, and little people played the aliens. I had to sort out the aliens’ luggage. That was basically the show.”

(You’d think that, even in 1994, casting little people to play aliens would raise a red flag prior to the pilot stage, but you’d be wrong.)

When Perry came across the script for what was then called Friends Like Us, he was “losing my mind” over not being able to audition because of his commitment to LAX 2194.

Luckily, someone at FOX agreed that what they had on their hands was the worst thing to happen to television, says the actor, and they let Perry try out for “your little show called Friends Like Us.”

We’d do terrible things to take a look at that pilot and catch a glimpse of Perry in his “futuristic shirt.”

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