It's one of many delightful Easter eggs placed throughout the sitcom

By Georgia Slater
July 01, 2020 11:49 AM

The one where Jennifer Aniston's family history makes a surprise cameo!

Fans of Friends have been spotting Easter eggs throughout the series since its debut in 1994, and one eagle-eyed viewer recently discovered another interesting detail.

In the season 7 finale, "The One with Chandler and Monica's Wedding," things go awry when Chandler (Matthew Perry) goes missing and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) can't make it on time to officiate the ceremony.

With Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) in charge of finding Chandler, Rachel sets out to find a new minister for the wedding and stumbles across a sign for a Greek Orthodox wedding happening at the same hotel. The sign indicates that the wedding is between the Anastasakis and Papasifakis families.


As it turns out, Anastasakis is actually a nod to Aniston's family heritage: The star's father John Aniston was born Yiannis Antonios Anastasakis in Crete, Greece.

Friends aired from 1994 to 2004 on NBC and starred David Schwimmer, Aniston, Courteney Cox, Kudrow, LeBlanc and Perry as a group of friends in New York City.

The cast of Friends

An unscripted reunion show with all six main cast members was confirmed in February by HBO Max with an intended release date in May.

However, the reunion show will now likely have a fall premiere date due to the coronavirus delaying production, according to Variety.

"At first we thought, shows will be delayed for a month or two at the most, and now it seems like it's going to be far longer than that," Bob Greenblatt, WarnerMedia Entertainment and Direct-to-Consumer chairman, told Variety. "We're holding out for being able to get this special done hopefully by the end of the summer if the stars align and hopefully we can get back into production."