'Friday Night Tykes' : See This 11-Year-Old Girl Tackle the All-Boys Football Team (VIDEO)

Sixth grader Zoe Robinson plays lineman for the Texas Spartans


When it comes to playing football with the boys, Zoe Robinson is game!

In a clip for the new episode of Esquire Network’s Friday Night Tykes, cameras follow the 5’8″ sixth grader as she joins the Texas Spartans roster as the team’s only female player.

“She first brought up playing two years ago,” Robinson’s mother Judith tells PEOPLE, “but I said no because I know how rough it can get.”

Over time, Judith saw her daughter’s passion for the sport and eventually agreed.

“We know she’s tough,” she adds. “So why not?”

Despite being the only girl on the team, the 11-year-old says the guys don’t treat her any differently.

“It’s been really good,” says Robinson. “I sometimes still get nervous, but I’ve gotten used to it. Everyone is really nice, and they cheer me on,” she says.

Her two brothers also help by giving plenty of advice on how to make sure her tackles take the guys down.

Ultimately for Zoe, though, the average Friday night is all about doing something she loves: “I’m just out there having fun,” she says.

Friday Night Tykes airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Esquire.

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