Fred Savage Says There Will 'Never' Be a 'Wonder Years' Reunion

"The show was about this finite moment in your life that has a beginning and an end," he tells PEOPLE

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His brother Ben stars on the Disney Channel reboot of Boy Meets World, but Fred Savage says you’ll never see Kevin and Winnie all grown up in an on-screen Wonder Years reunion.

“Zero,” Savage, 38, told PEOPLE of the chances for an encore of ABC’s award-winning series set in the ’60s. “Never.”

Savage, who next appears opposite Rob Lowe on Fox’s fall comedy The Grinder, understands the nostalgia.

“The show was about a time in your life. The show was about this finite moment in your life that has a beginning and an end, and I think that’s what makes people long for that time in your life,” he told PEOPLE at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, over the weekend.

“You can’t really go back to it. You can’t all be 12 again, and that’s why that time in our life is so special and why all the memories still stay with us and warm us and haunt us and all those things – because we can’t go back to it.”

The Wonder Years ran from 1988 93 and chronicled the childhood of Savage’s character, Kevin Arnold. Of course, the cast did reunite in 2014 to film DVD extras.

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Also the festival, Ben Savage discussed how Girl Meets World gives a fresh spin on its predecessor’s lessons about being a kid.

“I think that you can appreciate the lesson of the show at different points in your life,” he explained during a panel. “If you watch it 13, you might look at it one way. But if you watch it 10 years later … 20 years later? Oy! You can appreciate it from a different perspective and maybe, possibly get a different take on it.”

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