20 Years Later, Where Is the Cast of 'Freaks & Geeks' Now?

The show only lasted one season, but it gave us some of our favorite A-Listers

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Linda Cardellini

FREAKS AND GEEKS Linda Cardellini
NBCU Photo Bank; Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

Twenty years ago, Cardellini played Lindsay, a high school girl trying her best to fit in with the slacker group at school (a.k.a. the freaks), despite actually being pretty smart and driven.

Before starring in Freaks and Geeks, Cardellini had small roles on shows like Kenan & Kel and Boy Meets World.

Now... Cardellini went on to star in movies like Legally Blonde, Scooby-Doo (both the original and the sequel) and Brokeback Mountain. Her stint on Freaks and Geeks wasn’t her last on television: Cardellini spent six years on ER, and appeared on New Girl and Mad Men (which earned her an Emmy nomination). She’s also known for her role on Bloodline, and can currently be seen starring alongside Christina Applegate on Dead to Me.

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Busy Philipps

NBCU Photo Bank; Frazer Harrison/Getty

Philipps played Kim, one of the freaks with whom Lindsay tried her hardest to fit in. Kim was a little preoccupied because she couldn't stop making out with James Franco's character, Daniel.

Now... Busy has been, well, busy since Freaks and Geeks ended. The actress followed up her stint as a freak with a role on the creek ... Dawson's Creek. Philipps has also starred in films like White Chicks and He's Just Not That Into You. Perhaps most impressively, Philipps became one of the few females ever to helm a late-night talk show when she hosted Busy Tonight.

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Jason Segel

NBCU Photo Bank; GP Images/Getty

Segel played the lovable Nick Andopolis, who had a short-lived romance with Lindsay, was a huge stoner and loved his band more than most things (but less than weed).

Now... Though Freaks and Geeks was short-lived, Segel found a long-term home on the popular series How I Met Your Mother, playing Marshall Eriksen for nine years. He also starred in films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bad Teacher and Sex Tape.

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James Franco

NBCU Photo Bank; Taylor Hill/WireImage

Franco played Daniel Desario, who had been held back not once, but twice (making him the oldest of the freaks). Gorgeous, aloof and super charming, he had an on-again/off-again relationship with Kim, played by Busy Philipps.

Now... A relative unknown when he started the show, Franco's career has only managed to flourish since his Freaks and Geeks days. Franco has starred in films like Spider-Man, James Dean, 127 Hours, and Disaster Artist (amongst many, many others), and has won two Golden Globe Awards for acting.

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Seth Rogen

Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank; Kevin Winter/Getty

For his first-ever onscreen role, Rogen played Ken Miller, a freak who is secretly kind of a geek. He's known for his sarcastic comments ... and for falling in love with "tuba girl."

Now... Freaks and Geeks was only the beginning for Rogen. The funnyman has not only acted a lot since his debut — he boasts credits in movies like Knocked Up, This Is The End and Steve Jobs — but written and created classics like Superbad and Pineapple Express.

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John Francis Daley

FREAKS AND GEEKS John Francis Daley
NBCU Photo Bank; Tim Mosenfelder/Getty

Daley was just 14 when he played Lindsay's younger brother, Sam Weir, a quintessential geek in every sense of the word.

Now... Daley has continued acting since Freaks ended, most notably on Bones from 2007 to 2014.

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Natasha Melnick

FREAKS AND GEEKS Natasha Melnick
NBCU Photo Bank; Gabriel Olsen/WireImage

Every teen television show has to have an "unrealistic" crush, right? Melnick played Cindy Saunders, who was soft spoken, a cheerleader and the object of Sam Weir's affection.

Now... Post-Freaks, Melnick appeared on shows like Undeclared and Sabrina, eventually lending her voice to animated shows like King of the Hill and Family Guy.

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Samm Levine

NBCU Photo Bank; Steve Granitz/WireImage

Levine played Neal Schweiber, a geek who was totally and completely in love with Lindsay Weir, his best friend's sister.

Now... Levine continues to act, and has appeared in many recognizable television shows and movies such as Spin City, That '70s Show, Inglourious Basterds.

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Martin Starr

NBCU Photo Bank; Ray Tamarra/Getty

Twenty years ago, Starr played Bill Haverchuck, perhaps the geekiest of all of the geeks.

Now... Starr has lived up to his last name, acting continuously since the end of Freaks and Geeks. He had small roles in films like Superbad and Pineapple Express, both of which starred former castmate Seth Rogen. He also acted in Hawaii Five-0, Life in Pieces and Silicon Valley.

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Becky Ann Baker

NBCU Photo Bank; Michael Loccisano/Getty

Baker already had a few acting credits under her belt when she was cast to play Jean Weir, Lindsay and Sam's mother.

Now... Recently Baker appeared on Big Little Lies, but she can also be seen on shows like Girls and The Good Wife.

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Joe Flaherty

NBCU Photo Bank; Alamy

Flaherty had already been acting for some time when he stepped into the role of Weir family patriarch, Harold Weir. He had previously acted in movies like Back to the Future Part II and Happy Gilmore and on television in shows like SCTV, Married... with Children and Maniac Mansion.

Now... After Freaks and Geeks, Flaherty appeared on shows like Even Stevens, That '70s Show and The Legend of Tarzan. His last appearance on a television series was in 2012 on a show called Call Me Fitz.

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Shia LaBeouf

NBC; Frazer Harrison/Getty

Blink and you'll miss him, but little LaBeouf was on Freaks and Geeks as the school mascot, Herbert, who gets injured and can no longer perform.

Now... LaBeouf had already been a child actor when he landed the Freaks and Geeks role, and he is still working as an actor to date. He most notably acted on shows like Even Stevens and in movies like Transformers. LaBeouf will next star in a movie that he wrote based on his own experience as a child actor, called Honey Boy.

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Dave Allen

Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Allen played Jeff Russo, the guidance counselor who was super invested in his students and mostly in Sam Weir becoming cool.

Now... Allen has had a successful career since 1999. His credits include roles on Malcolm in the Middle, Gilmore Girls, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Bad Teacher and Love.

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