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August 06, 2015 01:00 PM

Frankie Grande boasts a big social media following, and now he’s taking his talents to Oxygen for a special on Tweets, Instagrams and Facebook posts that are so bad, they’re good.

Worst.Post.Ever: with Frankie Grande airs later this month, and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at the trailer.

“I kind of make the analogy to when you’re at home with your friends and you’re trolling Facebook, and you find a picture or a photo, and you’re like, ‘No way does this actually exist!’ ” he tells PEOPLE of the program’s concept. “It’s that kind of like lovingly poking fun at people’s posts. ‘There’s no way you actually posted this and actually thought that you looked super hot in the photo, but good for you! I love that you did!’ It’s celebrating the fact that these are the worst posts ever and encouraging people to create even more worst posts ever, because maybe then they’ll be on the show.”

So what does Grande, 32, consider a good post?

“Something that you are super proud of or stand behind, that’s always what I try to do,” he explains. “If you love duck lips, then you better duck lip. Then I want to see those lips out and I want to see those cheeks sucked in own it!”

His favorite celebrity to follow online is Justin Bieber, (“I love Justin, everything he does. He’s perfect.”), though he says his famous little sister Ariana Grande has had a huge impact on his own accounts.

“She’s the one that really taught me how to use social media and kind of be a little bit freer. I’m a very structured kind of person, and it was through her example that she was like, ‘No, just post the way you feel it. What you feel, when you feel,’ and that kind of really helped me to connect with my fan base in a much greater way,” he says. Because if there is a queen of social media, she’s certainly in the running.”

Given Grande’s expertise – he has more than 1 million followers on both Twitter and Instagram – we had to ask his thoughts on the latest Twitter beef between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj.

The bad blood began last month, when the newly minted pop star interpreted the rapper’s criticism of her MTV VMA snub as a personal attack. (Minaj, 32, was making a larger point about race, and she and Swift, 25, made up soon after.)

“I’m glad that they were at least speaking about something that is very helpful to the world and society. I am 100 percent behind the fact that women need to stop being petty and fighting with each other over nonsense,” Grande says. “This is something that has been propagated by our community, by reality TV shows, where it’s like, ‘Are you seriously going to fight with me over this stupid nonsense?’ So I like the fact that the message behind the Twitter feud was, ‘No, let’s have some solidarity.’ ”

Check out Worst.Post.Ever: with Frankie Grande Aug. 18 at 9 p.m. ET on Oxygen.

“Get ready for lots of glitter,” Grande teases. ” ‘Cause I’m gonna bring it.”

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