Sarah Palin Dropped by Fox News – Again

Palin joined the network as an analyst in June 2013

Photo: Rex USA

Fox News has once again ended its relationship with Sarah Palin, PEOPLE can confirm.

As first reported by Politico, the network decided against renewing Palin’s contract and parted ways at the beginning of this month.

This is the second time that Fox has dropped the former vice presidential candidate from the ranks – she first joined the network in March 2010 as host of Real American Stories, about people with “real-life tales of overcoming adversity,” according to a press release at the time.

The series ended in January 2013, but Fox News invited Palin back onto the network as an analyst later that year, in June.

Fox has yet to provide a reason for her termination, but a source not at Fox who had worked closely with Palin in the past tells PEOPLE that “she [can be] a nightmare” to work with and that she was often “paranoid that everyone had an agenda against her, even the people who were there expressly to make her look good.”

The source adds that Palin “was rude and a diva, and thought that everyone else paled in comparison to her intelligence and savvy.”

While Palin will now have to repurpose the fully tricked-out TV studio she built at her Wasilla, Alaska, home in the heyday of her work for Fox, she’s not exactly retiring to a rocking chair on her lakeside back patio.

As of midnight, she debuted a new Facebook page, complete with a motto from her speech on the day in 2008 that she burst onto the national scene as Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential running mate: “I didn’t get into government to do the safe and easy things. A ship in harbor is safe but that’s not why the ship is built.”

And a Palin source tells PEOPLE that “several thousand” donors to her SarahPAC have been mailed her 30-minute documentary DVD highlighting the impact Palin has had on Republican Party politics since that 2008 turning point. She’s been working on a new book that will come out this fall (topic TBA) and, looking ahead to the 2016 presidential contest, the source says, Palin “is closely monitoring the race and plans to be very involved.”

Oh, and she’s also polling her supporters for input on which of her own picks should grace the redesigned ten-dollar bill.

“Since politicians just can’t leave well enough alone, and evidently have nothing else to do, they ve decided to create a new $10 bill featuring a woman,” Palin writes on Facebook. “Let’s help them pick a strong and proud role model of the American spirit!”

Her suggestions: Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, Pocahontas, Abigail Adams and Susan B. Anthony. (No mention of national survey contender Eleanor Roosevelt or Twittersphere favorites Hillary Clinton and Beyoncé.)

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