Four More Go on 'Idol'

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Robbie Carrico, who once dated Britney Spears, was one of four contestants eliminated from American Idol Thursday.

Jason Yeager, 28, of Grand Prairie, Texas; Alexandr a Lushington, 17, of Douglasville, Ga.; and Alaina Whitaker, 16, of Tulsa, Okla., were also sent home.

Whitaker broke down in tears when she heard the news and told host Ryan Seacrest, “I can’t sing,” referring to the Idol tradition that has departing contestants take the stage for a final performance of the song that got them eliminated.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Whitaker said through tears. Seacrest gave her the option to skip the swan song, but Whitaker eventually sang “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” backed by the remaining female contestants.

Yeager was the first to go after Seacrest narrowed the field to just two, including Danny Noriega, who was spared.

“Based on the criticism and everything, I had a feeling I was going to be in the bottom rung,” Yeager said. “I tried to mentally prepare for it.”

Of Lushington, judge Randy Jackson said, “To me it’s not really the right choice … but here’s the problem: You’re a great singer, you’ve got great skills, you just picked the wrong song.”

Lushington performed Chicago‘s “If You Leave Me Now” on Wednesday’s episode.

Carrico was the last to get the news and the last to perform on the Idol stage. His take on what went wrong: “It was bad song choice and I think I could have done it better,” he said.

When asked for his advice for Carrico, judge Simon Cowell said, “It’s authenticity and I think the public saw what we saw and that was the problem. It just never ever felt real.”

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