Former Bachelor Peter Weber Joins Dating App: 'I'm Curious to See If That Can Work for Me'

The reality star partnered with Latinx dating app Chispa in hopes of finding love — and a date to bring to his brother's April wedding

Bachelor Nation shouldn't expect to see Peter Weber back on any iteration of the ABC franchise in the future — because he hopes to find someone on Chispa, the largest dating app for Latinx singles.

"Hopefully [there's] no need for that moving forward," Chispa partner Weber, 30, tells PEOPLE of returning to a reality dating show. "Ideally I'm going to say that, but hey, we'll see what happens."

The season 24 Bachelor, who split from contestant Kelley Flanagan in late 2020, says he hopes to find a woman who "understands family and what that means, and someone that is just a sweet, good person."

Peter Weber
Maarten de Boer/ABC

Weber likes that using Chispa, the first app he's tried since filming The Bachelor, will allow him "to get to know someone before possibly committing to something in person."

"I'm curious to see if that can work for me," adds Weber, whose mom is Cuban.

And he hopes the ladies on Chispa recognize him as more than just that guy from reality TV. "At the end of the day, I'm just Peter," the Adventures of Pilot Pete author says. "I'm just a guy. Sure, I did this whole thing with the show and whatnot, but I don't really want that to continue to follow. That's not what I'm about. I just want to meet someone for who they are, and hopefully, they can feel the same way about me."

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With the holidays and his brother's wedding coming up, Weber says his family constantly asks about his love life.

"They're always asking, 'Who are you bringing to the wedding?'" the pilot says of the April affair. "With Chispa, it gives me an opportunity to meet someone that just really understands my background and my culture and what makes me, me. And that is just incredible."

"I'm really hoping that this can work out and it can allow me to meet someone I can bring it to that wedding," he adds. "I'm not hurrying into this at all, but I'm really excited about trying it out."

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Peter Weber
Courtesy Chispa
Peter Weber
Courtesy Chispa

Speaking of family, Weber says what his mom Barbara thinks of who he dates will always be "extremely, extremely important."

"My mom is my biggest fan, and I'm extremely close with my mom. I'm close with my whole family, so [their] opinions mean everything," Weber says. "And I trust my family like crazy."

And these days, planning dates without the help of Bachelor producers means Weber likes to keep it simple.

"It doesn't really matter what we're doing, just an opportunity to allow us to see if we can connect," he says. "Nothing over the top. The show is all about that, and it's great and super fun, but just being able to take a blanket out, go to the beach and enjoy a beautiful day and not have to do anything else but just look them in the eyes and see if you feel that, that, I would say, is the ideal first date."

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