Nick Viall has nothing but love and pride for his fiancée


By Jack Henkels
July 17, 2017 10:54 AM
Credit: Vanessa Grimaldi/Instagram

Nick Viall has nothing but love and pride for his fiancée.

The former Bachelor star supported Vanessa Grimaldi on Sunday at her first-ever fundraiser for her charity No Better You, which aims to advance education by providing specialized tools and programs for exceptional learners.

Grimaldi told E! News that the event raised over $30,000 and those funds will go toward opening a sensory room in two or three schools in the Montreal area.

On Instagram, Viall wrote about his overwhelming support for his fiancée and her fundraiser.

Grimaldi thanked everyone for their support on Instagram, saying “The first @nobetteryou fundraiser was a great success! With over 30k raised, we are looking into opening sensory rooms in 2-3 schools!! Thank you to everyone that came, those who donated online, to all my volunteers and to @ardene for believing and supporting the cause!”

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Grimaldi told Canada’s Global News how crucial these rooms are to special education, saying that they provide “a therapeutic space for students” that “can help stimulate or calm students down.”

Viall, beaming with support, told the publication, “She’s put a lot of work into it so it’s nice to see it come to fruition, but I’m not surprised at all. I knew she’d do a great job even though she was a little worried.”