Nick Viall & Ex Vanessa Grimaldi Are on 'Great Terms' But 'Don't Actively Keep in Touch'

"I think we had such an intense relationship that I don't think it's that easy to maintain an active relationship," Nick Viall told PEOPLE

It’s been nearly a year since former Bachelor Nick Viall and his fiancée Vanessa Grimaldi split, but he’s not any closer to love.

“The journey for love continues off the show,” Viall, 37, told PEOPLE at the unveiling of The Bachelor slot machines at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Friday.

When the made-in-TV couple split last August they said in a statement that they would “be there for each other no matter what.” That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

“We don’t actively keep in touch. We’re on great terms and I think there’s a lot of mutual respect and love between us,” he said. “But she has her life and I have my life and I think we had such an intense relationship that I don’t think it’s that easy to maintain an active relationship.”

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Grimaldi, he’s heard, is actually dating someone.

“I think that’s great and I don’t know much about it but I wish her nothing but all the happiness and success,” said Viall, Viall, who recently shut down rumors that he was dating actress, January Jones.

Grimaldi gushed about her new boyfriend in April during an interview (previewed exclusively with PEOPLE) with Dean Unglert on his podcast Help! I Suck at Dating — but declined to share who exactly has stolen her heart.

“I always wanted to find someone … who’s gonna be a great father, someone who’s gonna be a great husband, someone who’s family-oriented,” Grimaldi, 30, said. “I wanted all those things, but the people that I was dating either had some of it but they didn’t have all of it.”

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Clearly, Viall’s time on The Bachelor seems to be over, but fans of the show can still get a glimpse of him in Las Vegas — he and several other former Bachelor stars have been immortalized on slot machines at the MGM Grand.

“It’s one of those ancillary perks that you didn’t think would happen,” he joked while unveiling the machines. “You’re like, that’s pretty cool.”

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Perhaps a slot machine is the perfect metaphor since love is a gamble. That’s not to say that Viall hasn’t found love — in fact, he’s found a love of acting.

“So far my acting career has gone all right. I’ve been lucky enough to be on some shows and just trying to build a resume and trying to get better. Just trying to earn my way in that industry,” he said.

He actually had small roles in General Hospital and Speechless. He also has an upcoming bit part in The Family Guy, which has been the crowning achievement of his acting career. The episode hasn’t aired yet.

The Family Guy is iconic,” he said. “It’s a quick beat, but I basically play myself as The Bachelor, but just to be a cartoon on that show, that rivals being on a slot machine.”

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