Former 'Apprentice' Staffer Noel Casler Accuses Donald Trump of Drug Use and Inappropriate Behavior

A comedian and former Celebrity Apprentice staffer has accused Donald Trump of recreational drug use

A comedian and former Celebrity Apprentice staffer has accused Donald Trump of recreational drug use and inappropriate behavior toward young women while filming Miss Teen Universe.

During a stand-up set earlier this month, comedian Noel Casler, who claimed he worked on The Celebrity Apprentice for six years, recalled his time working with the president on beauty pageants in the ’90s.

He accused Trump of inspecting the contestants’ mouths with his fingers before they went on stage.

“I worked on a bunch of those beauty pageants he had in the ’90s, too. That was a good idea, Miss Teen Universe? Yeah, that’s like giving Jeffrey Dahmer a cooking show,” he said. “He would line up the girls on the side of the stage, and he would inspect them. Literally, he would stick his little freaking doll fingers in their mouth and look at their teeth.”

He also claimed he heard Trump invite the women up to his penthouse suite.

Casler continued: “I’m not kidding, this is true, he would line them up like they were pieces of meat. He’d be like, ‘You, you, and you, if you want to win I’m in the penthouse suite, come and see me.'”

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Later in the set, he accused Trump of taking Adderall to help him focus while reading cue cards while filming Celebrity Apprentice. “He can’t read, so he gets really nervous,” said Casler.

Casler said that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement. “I didn’t know that he was becoming president. Now, it’s no way, dumb—, I’m telling you everything I know.”

Casler, who has not offered any corroboration of his claims, did not immediately return PEOPLE’s request for comment. The White House has also not yet responded to Casler’s claim. PEOPLE has reached out for comment.

Kathy Griffin tweeted out the video of Casler’s set to her 2.1 million followers, vouching for the comedian’s credibility.

“I’ve known @CaslerNoel for years. He has always been super professional and discreet,” she wrote. “I’m so glad he’s decided to reveal this important information about Trump. Thank you Noel, I know this isn’t easy.”

Tom Arnold also shared the video on his social media account. “It’s scary,” he wrote.

“He’s legit & brave & brilliant & ready. Welcome to the team Noel Casler. This is your time. Fear not. We got him,” Arnold continued.

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