The 'Floribama Shore' Cast Gets into Another Bar Brawl — and Fights Over Frozen Pizza

Roommates Aimee, Candace, Codi, Gus, Jeremiah, Kirk, Kortni and Nilsa defend against another naysayer during a night out on Monday's Floribama Shore 

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Another night, another bar fight.

On Monday’s episode of Floribama Shore, it became clear that Aimee, Candace, Codi, Gus, Jeremiah, Kirk, Kortni and Nilsa can’t hit the town without throwing a punch. Another trend: most of the roommates still don’t like Jeremiah’s friend with benefits Kayla Jo, and he’s over it. Heading into the thick of the summer, the eight housemates continue to clash as they try to party their way through Florida’s Panama City Beach.

Peace at last?

Fresh off a bar brawl at Donovan’s, where a local woman verbally assaulted Nilsa unprompted, the housemates feel closer than ever. “This fight definitely brought us closer,” Aimee declares. “I’m thinking about writing a letter to this threatening lady and thanking her.”

Kirk, who jumped to defend Nilsa the night before, adds, “We realized we’re a unit. We love each other.”

But the good vibes don’t last for long, as Jeremiah decides Nilsa shouldn’t have let the insults about her looks get it her. “I get people dogging on my appearance all the time,” claims the Clark Kent lookalike. “In the end, the only person that should be satisfied with yourself is yourself.”

“It’s easier said than done, Jeremiah,” Nilsa responds. “I want to be okay with myself. And why do you think I got everything I do to myself, because I don’t. There was a big point in my life when I was like, I am pretty, I am beautiful. And then when I got out of a relationship, I was like, I’m nothing. I’m 15 pounds overweight and here I am.”

Forever the voice of reason, Candace resolves the tension. “It don’t matter if you’re pretty, you’re ugly, if you’re short or if you’re tall,” she says. “Somebody gonna dog you for something, and that’s just what that is. … You rock who you are. You be who you are.”

The roomies celebrate the armistice with dinner at the Cajun Café. After they say grace, an older man — seemingly the restaurant’s owner — brings over a round of Jameson shots and offers a toast that can only be described as very PCB: “A rangers’ home is the forest, a sailor’s home is the sea, a whiskey glass and a hooker’s ass is home sweet home to me.” Also of note, a woman about his age, likely his wife, was standing next to this guy as he made this toast to the group of twentysomethings.

Kayla Jo’s ultimate offense

The ceasefire lasts until Kayla Jo comes over to hang out with Jeremiah. Nilsa claims she’s going to kill Kayla Jo with kindness, but also insists that her female intuition senses something bad about her roommate’s lover.

“Kayla Jo is the definition of a barnacle,” Nilsa says in an on-camera interview. “She’s just clingy and no one likes clingy. So that’s definitely not gonna fly.”

To her face, though, Nilsa offers Kayla Jo snacks, drinks and pizza, the latter of which she accepts. Before the frozen pizza is ready, though, Kayla Jo makes Aimee cry by telling the Alabama native that she should stop smoking cigarettes because it causes wrinkles. “She was talkin’ about me smokin’,” Aimee recaps. “She’s very sneaky, disrespectful.”

Nilsa assures Aimee she won’t get wrinkles, and then serves up Kayla Jo a slice of pizza as she heads out to meet her cab. “You did great. It tastes delicious,” Kayla Jo tells Nilsa of the pepperoni pie. Then outside with Jeremiah, she changes her tune. “I really don’t want this, though,” she tells him. “Mixed meats, not for me.”

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So following Kayla Jo’s instructions, Jeremiah folds up the pizza slice in its paper plate and tries to hide it by a pair of Nilsa’s shoes. When she discovers the misplaced pizza, though, Nilsa’s façade of compassion quickly fades. “The worst thing someone can do to me is take a piece of my pizza and just throw it away like it means nothing,” she says. “She didn’t just disrespect me, she disrespected my pizza.”

Jeremiah’s defense: “Well she took a bite, didn’t she?”

To right the insurmountable wrong, Nilsa requires Jeremiah to finish the slice, and he reluctantly obliges, pointing out that it was just frozen pizza.

“We the same height, boo!”

The roommates get it together long enough for a trip to Kortni’s house, where they meet her mom, who shares very few characteristics (she doesn’t drink!) with her party animal daughter.

“I’m like, wow this lady is Mother Teresa,” Candace — who wears a zebra onesie to the visit — says upon meeting Mrs. Gilson. “This ain’t real.”

While getting to know her daughter’s new friends, Kortni’s mom learns that Gus wanted to join the military but was disqualified when he broke his arm. Aimee also reveals that she dropped out of high school. Meanwhile, Codi is scared of Kortni’s parrot, who they teach to say “thot.”

“We just made this bird rachet,” says Candace.

The family feeling lasts for only so long. Back at home, Kortni informs Candace, Codi and Nilsa that Kayla Jo is a Wiccan.

“I don’t do witches,” Candace asserts. “I don’t do mythical creatures and stuff like that. That’s against my beliefs.”

Aimee, Candace, Codi and Nilsa gossip about Kayla Jo’s unconventional spirituality, and Gus informs Jeremiah about the chatter. Jeremiah calls a family meeting, which as Aimee notes, never goes well. He confronts the discussions about Kayla Jo, but once Jeremiah refers to Nilsa as “woman,” the conversation turns to his disrespect toward women. “Last time I checked, you earn respect, honey,” Jeremiah tells Nilsa.

“The difference between a Southern gentleman and Jeremiah, a Southern gentlemen, they stand up for women,” she says. “They don’t disrespect women. They don’t throw low blows at women.”

Gus also gets implicated as someone who disrespects females, an accusation that brings him nearly to tears. “It’s just like a super sensitive topic for me,” explains Gus, adding that he grew up in a house with sisters and a mother whom he saw mistreated. “I just get so mad when they say I’m disrespectful like that, ’cause I work so hard not to be.”

Codi offers Gus a hug, and Gus tells Nilsa he’d want her to help correct any inappropriate behavior. “If I’m doing that, you tell me so I can fix it,” he says.

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On the same page again, the Floribama gang heads to Newbies, and some of Gus’ out-of-town friends meet them at the bar. During a game of oversized Jenga, one of the pals informs Gus that a male bystander made a comment about Gus’ hair and called him a homophobic slur.

“That is so offensive and so degrading,” Gus says. “I am not going to put up with it.”

So Gus confronts the man, they get in each other’s faces, and he pushes Gus before security intervenes. After recapping the altercation with the rest of his housemates, Candace decides the beef isn’t settled and gets up to confront a group of three men who all meet Gus’s description of a “farmer boy” in a hat.

She demands one of the men identify themselves as the person behind the offensive comment, and after none of them own up, Gus lets her know it’s the man on the left who called him an inappropriate name.

“We the same height, boo!” Candace says to the offender before flicking his hat off this head.

The action sets off Gus’s tormenter, who comes after the group. Kirk throws a punch, Aimee comes out swinging at the man’s friends and Candace gets back in there, too. Security tries to hold everyone back, but no one is using their indoor voices, and the chaos continues. But we’ll have to wait until next week to see if everyone escapes without a trip to jail this time around.

Floribama Shore airs Mondays (10 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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