Aimee, Candace, Codi, Gus, Jeremiah, Kirk, Kortni and Nilsa prepare to go their separate ways on Floribama Shore's season 1 finale

By Dana Rose Falcone
January 08, 2018 11:00 PM

Farewell, Floribama Shore!

Monday night’s season 1 finale picked up in the midst of Aimee and Kirk’s fight, which started when he commented on Aimee continuing to call her ex of 10 years. “He ain’t gonna talk to my like my ex talked to me,” Aimee shouts as she pushes Kirk. “I’ll knock that bitch out. I don’t give a f—.”

Jeremiah’s brother Josh pulls Kirk outside onto the porch to get away from a very angry Aimee. “It’s like Kirk released the Tasmanian devil in this bitch,” Kortni observes.

The roommates realize it’d be best for everyone to head to sleep, but as Kirk heads up to his bedroom, he beats a door and says, “She’s lucky that’s not her f—in’ face. For real.”

That riles up Aimee all over again, sending her into another fit of rage. “I had my goddamn ass whopped every goddamn day of my life,” she yells as Gus tried to hold her back. In her room, she confesses to Nilsa and Gus, “I’ve been talked about like that all my goddamn life. I ain’t gonna be talked to like that right now.”

Everyone finally gets to bed, but when they wake up the next morning on Parents Day, the tension between Aimee and Kirk remains.

“I’m not sorry,” she tells Gus. “I don’t have nothing to say to him. I don’t want nothing else to do with him.”

It’s Family Day!

Gus might be concerned about ending their time in Panama City Beach with bad blood between the housemates, but Candace is worried about what her conservative parents will think about the state of their booze-soaked summer home, so she takes to deep-cleaning the place before her mom and dad get in from Memphis.

When Ray and Toya arrive, they’re judging the garbage — filled with empty alcohol bottles — before they even get inside. Ray thinks Candace’s shorts are too short, but Toya doesn’t really mind. She has her eyes locked on Jeremiah, who flirts with all the moms.

Ray loosens up, too, once he’s encouraged to shotgun a can of beer with Jeremiah and Josh. He even asks for a rematch when Candace points out that he lost to the Buoni boys. “I was like, okay, I’m impressed Ray,” Candace says. “I see you.”

Kortni’s mom Sharon makes an appearance with cupcakes in tow, as does Gus’ mom, who he reveals he only started reconnecting with her last year and they haven’t seen each other in six months. The Floribama housemates are on their best behavior, serving up mimosas made with Andre champagne (average price per bottle: $5.99) and barbecuing. Even though Aimee is still angry with Kirk, she doesn’t want to get into it in front of their families. Instead, she just alludes to the disagreement by telling her mom, “Some people in this house are not nice at all.”

Kirk takes that as his cue to get up, bringing his parents to his room, where he explains, in a profanity-heavy conversation, what went down last night. His stepdad offers sound advice: “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. And you had very good intentions, but don’t get involved in that. Because they say again, they have their arguments the next day, they’re together. And then you’re remember[ed] more than the bad guy. You end up being the bad guy, so don’t get involved with that.”

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Aimee heads down to the beach and explains her side of the story to her mom, Theresa, who suggests her daughter apologize to Kirk. “My mom may have a good point, but I am not apologizing to him,” she says. “I really don’t feel sorry for pushing Kirk. He’s gonna learn you don’t talk to girls like that.”

Nilsa, still heartbroken that Josh didn’t want to pursue a relationship with her, also seeks guidance from her parents. “Who’s going to want someone that’s married at 23 and already damaged?” she asks them.

“You’ve just gotta keep pressing on,” her dad advises. “Take care of number one; look out for number one. Do what you wanna do. When you wanna get drunk, you get drunk. When you wanna get laid, you get laid. … Have fun. Get it out of your system.”

Her conversation with mom and dad leaves Nilsa thinking that although it’s been nearly 10 months since separating from her ex, she’s not quite in the right mindset to go all in with a barrel-chested freedom fighter just yet. “I am so disappointed how it worked out with Josh,” she laments. “There’s a lot of emotions I still need to deal with, but I’m now realizing, maybe I’m not ready.”

‘Queen of the thots speaking’

Once the parents have cleared out, Jeremiah and Kirk start up a one-on-one game of beer pong (played with water in the cups instead of beer, which is surprising because they don’t really come off as the kind of guys to bother with cleanliness). Aimee watches them from the kitchen, prompting Kirk to finally confront her and apologize.

“I’m genuinely sorry about what I said the other night,” Kirk says. “What I was going for wasn’t trying to be like malicious. I was upset because you were calling him and I was super drunk. I said it in a dumb way I’m sure. But there was never bad intentions with it.”

Aimee accepts his apology and has even had a change of heart herself. “I am really like genuinely sorry for hitting you with the mayonnaise bottle and pushing you,” she says.

They exchange “I love yous,” and now that all is settled on the Floribama Shore, Codi calls, letting his roommates know he’s heading back to the house form his grandfather’s funeral.

“Thot house. Queen of the thots speaking,” Nilsa says when she answers his call on the alligator phone.


Nilsa and Aimee are so excited for Codi’s return that they prepare a special welcome gift. Nilsa throws on her unicorn onesie and her thigh-high “thot” boots, and Aimee prepares to moon Codi as Nilsa flashes him. “Who don’t love cheechees and booty?” Aimee declares.

Codi walks through the front door to a symphony of happy yelling ,and once he arrives in the living room, the girls bare the goods, and we learn that Aimee has a tattoo on her right butt cheek!

“I walk in and see two things that I love the most: boobies and booty,” he says. “This is the best homecoming ever.”

The Last Night

With all eight roommates reunited in PCB, they prepare for their final night together. Jeremiah spearheads whipping up a low country boil complete with corn, crawfish, potatoes and sausage, shrimp and crab. As Kirk explains for anyone not familiar with the traditional Southern meal: “It boils for a couple hours. Once it’s done, you take it out, dry it off, throw it on newspaper or paper and everyone just goes at it with their hands.”

Jeremiah says grace before they eat on the floor in the living room, thanking God for a great summer. They recap the summer’s ups (sweet beachfront house, new friends!) and downs (countless bar fights, Jeremiah’s dance moves), and ultimately end up in a group hug.

“At the end of the day I feel like ya’ll seven folks in here, like I can count on,” Codi says. “And you know, y’all are a new family to me.”

Aimee, Candace, Codi, Gus, Jeremiah, Kirk, Kortni and Nilsa drag their mattresses into the same room upstairs to spend their final night all together. Codi takes the opportunity to throw on his American flag banana hammock, complete with a bald eagle on the butt, and twerk in everyone’s faces.


The gratuitous display doesn’t damper the goodbyes the next morning, and everyone leaves feeling like they changed for the better after a few weeks in one of America’s top spring break destinations.

“I don’t feel quite so sheltered abut being home-schooled because living with these strangers has taught me how to deal with every bit of dram under the sun,” Jeremiah declares. “I’m leaving this house with a lot of new friends and also a new look at how I handle situations.”

Gus is bummed he didn’t find a wife, but at least he found Jeremiah, who he calls “the best workout partner I could have.” The two drive off together with plans to do pushups and pound protein on the road.

“I am leaving here a whole other person,” Aimee adds. “I love myself. I’ve never loved myself before.”

Everyone returns to their regular lives, except for Gus, who according to MTV, landed a job as a cover model for romance novels. Nilsa has also garnered enough reality TV fame to start promoting FabFitFun boxes on Instagram, but other than that, not much has changed for the roomies.

They’ll be heading back to the Shore soon enough, though, as the network confirmed Monday that Floribama has been picked up for a second season.

Floribama Shore‘s season 1 finale airs Monday on MTV at 10 p.m. ET.