"This is why I don't give guys chances," Nilsa says on Monday's Floribama Shore after getting rejected by Jeremiah's brother Josh

By Dana Rose Falcone
January 01, 2018 11:00 PM

New year, same Floribama Shore.

The evening at Players Saloon winds down when Nilsa leaves with her friends Shawna and Katrina, who is in tears because Codi tells Nilsa that Jeremiah and Gus had a bet over who would get with her first. “I never said bet,” Codi alleges. “I said, ‘Let the best man win.'”

Back at the house, Codi maintains his innocence, while playbacks of the footage from the club show him saying “We actually had a bet to see who’s going to hook up with Katrina first and I put my money on Jeremiah.”

“Not one time did I ever say or anything come out of my mouth about there’s f—ing money on who’s going to get her,” he continues. “I never f—ing said that.”

Katrina is crying on the couch as Nilsa and Codi continue going back and forth, and after the conversation settles down slightly, Katrina goes outside and cries to Kortni. Kirk notes that Codi has a tendency to say offensive comments he then forgets, and throws out the “locker room talk” excuse, because it’s worked for people in the past.

“Codi gets drunk and stirs up dumb s—,” Kirk tells his roommates. “That whole conversation could’ve been avoided. Locker room talk is locker room talk.”

Even though Codi deems the whole situation a “bad game of telephone,” he and Kirk continue to broach the topic in the kitchen the next morning. Jeremiah is tired of it, threatening in an on-camera interview, “If Codi continues to stir the pot the way that he’s doing, he’s going to see a Jeremiah that he doesn’t like.”

A major loss

Everyone’s attitude toward Codi quickly changes when he receives a call from home that his grandpa died. “It felt like somebody has opened up my chest, rips my heart out, stomped on it and it was like, here you go,” he says of learning the sad news.

When Codi comes downstairs to tell his roommates, they all offer their condolences, and Aimee initiates a prayer circle. Codi breaks down crying as Jeremiah says a few words, and Gus gives Codi a shoulder to lean on.

“My grandfather means the world to me,” Codi explains. “He was an accomplished guy. He had his own construction company and he built it from the ground up. He drew blueprints by hand. It really breaks my heart that I can’t hug him; I can’t do anything.”

Codi heads back home to pay his respects to his grandfather, and feeling sentimental, the rest of the roomies decide they should invite all of their families over to the house to squeeze in as much quality time with their loved ones as possible.

“There’s gonna be liquor,” Candace promises her parents. Similarly Gus instructs his mom, “Make sure you bring the Fireball.”

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‘Red flag to the max’

Jeremiah’s parents can’t make Floribama Family Day, but his brother Josh is still planning to visit. Nilsa can’t wait for him to get there, and he greets her with a hug upon his arrival. Then he surprises her with a gift: a stuffed animal unicorn that sort of looks like a pig. “I love it!” Nilsa giddily replies. “It matches my onesie.”

They flirt in the pool over an alligator float, and Josh asks Nilsa out on a mini-golfing date. Nilsa enthusiastically agrees, and the conversation turns to family, during which Nilsa mentions that her ex-husband was scared of her dad. Nilsa continues to word-vomit that she recently called her ex when she missed him and wanted to check up on things back home.

Josh, whose sunglasses were missing one lens, doesn’t seem fazed by the ex talk in the pool, but when they run into each other in the kitchen as each prepares for their date, he decides otherwise.

“I don’t want to go on this date to be honest with you, to tell you the truth,” he starts. “Not because it’s corny or anything like that, it’s more so you’re just talking about your ex. Out there you called him a week and a half ago. You called him a week and a half ago, right?”

Nilsa, mouth agape, just stands there confused, but in slight agreement.

Josh concludes, “You don’t really sound like the girl who wants like a serious relationship if you’re calling your ex a week and a half ago to talk, stuff like that. Or whatever it is. It just seems like a red flag to the max whenever a girl is calling her ex to see what’s going on or see how everything’s going. Or you call him when you’re drunk because you miss him. I don’t know, that just seems like a red flag to me.”

All the guys agree with Josh, but Nilsa is packing her bags to go home. “This is why I don’t give guys chances,” Nilsa says as she cries up the stairs.

Aimee stops her from packing her bags, asking, “Do you want to be viewed as f—ing weak? No you don’t! … Don’t let a man drive you home.”

Nilsa tries to talk to Josh one more time, insisting she hasn’t thought about her ex at all since they met a week ago. But he’s not convinced, and moves on to flirting with any and every girl he can when they hit the club later that night.

A chat on the beach with Aimee convinces Nilsa to stay and join them. “Every time you look at him you think, this guy has red ears, a slickback and his clothes don’t match,” Aimee says of Josh.

Jeremiah, Gus and Nilsa

Thot mobiles

Though he had no part in the day’s drama, Kirk is admittedly drinking like there’s no tomorrow at Club La Vela. Perhaps he’s going all out for their last Saturday night together (this was a quick summer!), but he ends up lying down on a beach chair on the boardwalk before Nilsa decides it’s time to board the thot mobiles, a.k.a cabs.

Aimee and Nilsa aren’t in the best mindset either, and decide to drunk-dial Aimee’s ex of 10 years, Logan, to ask him for two thin-crust pepperoni pizzas. When Nilsa gets on the phone to tell Logan he’s a “p—- a– bitch,” Kirk gets bothered by the fact that his female roommates continue to reach out to their exes despite saying they want to put the past behind them.

“I’m mad,” he says. “It’s like we’re here for ya’ll to get over ya’ll’s exes … ”

Aimee immediately takes offense, insisting she’s here “for me.” She then hurls a bottle of mayonnaise at Kirk and takes charge. In an on-camera interview, Aimee explains that she felt Kirk was talking to her like her ex used to, and that lit up the rage inside. But in real time, she doesn’t verbalize that sentiment and reacts by tossing a condiment at her roommate.

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