By People Staff
April 16, 2010 12:00 AM
Mitchell Haaseth/Bravo

There’s a new Housewife in town! As she joins the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja Morgan spoke to PEOPLE about her decision to step into the reality-TV spotlight, early connections with her costars and her beauty secrets (Botox and yucky green juice!). –Charlotte Triggs

1. She doesn’t primp for her shoots: “I never looked at myself on camera when we were shooting,” says Morgan, 46. “I didn’t want to be self conscious. The other women get blowouts and full makeup just to sit around at their apartment while filming. I did my makeup on camera. I wasn’t afraid of that, but I did avoid watching the footage because I’d just be paralyzed.”

2. She and Ramona Singer go way back: “Ramona and I knew each other when we were single — working out together on 61st Street — when we bought our first apartments, first fur coats (back then it wasn’t so bad). Then we both got married and had children,” says Morgan. Since then, “I haven’t seen her that much. I don’t see her on my scene in Gstaad, or in St. Tropez.”

3. She originally turned down the show: “The show had reached out to me, but I was too chicken. I was freshly divorced from JP Morgan heir John Morgan, with whom she has a 9-year-old daughter.” Later, when she saw the show and the women on it, she was a tad jealous. “I saw how well the girls were doing and they were blossoming. LuAnn and Ramona were totally renewed. I even saw Alex metamorphosing. They’re having fun, writing books, making appearances. I wanted to do that.”

4. Her friends think she’s crazy for doing reality TV: “My social set is like, ‘Why would you ever do this?'” Morgan laughs. “My answer is very simple: I have a house to support my daughter in and I’m on my own. I was worried about what would think because I always put my foot in my mouth.”

5. She’s all about getting work done: Botox? Juvederm? “Oh God yes, I do it all!” says Morgan. “But I think it’s all about moderation … I will drink wine and eat great food when I want, but I still drink my green juice every morning even though it doesn’t taste good!” –Charlotte TriggsMitchell Haaseth/Bravo