Wendy Williams: The Movie premieres Saturday, Jan. 30, at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime

The first look at the Wendy Williams biopic is finally here.

Wendy Williams: The Movie, starring actress Ciera Payton as the TV personality, will give fans an intimate look at her rise to fame, exploring the challenges Williams faced from her early days as a radio star to the launch of her daily syndicated talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.

The trailer for the movie, first shared by Entertainment Tonight, showcases Williams’ larger-than-life personality, documenting her rocky relationship with ex-husband Kevin Hunter (played by P-Valley's Morocco Omari) and his alleged affair, and her substance abuse issues. The film, executive-produced by Williams, premieres Saturday, Jan. 30 on Lifetime.

“I am here to stay. Wendy Williams is not going anywhere,” Payton as Williams says in the trailer. “I'm gonna come in like a hurricane.”

Wendy Williams Biopic
Ciera Payton as Wendy Williams in Wendy Williams: The Movie
| Credit: Lifetime/ET

Though the film documents Williams’ power and fame, it also highlights her struggles. “You’re self-indulgent, you're narcissistic, you’ve got a coke habit,” an off-screen character accuses at one point.

“Before I had you I had me, and not you, nor anyone else, have the power to take away my gifts,” Williams later yells during an argument with her now ex.

“I'm gonna bring the heat,” she says as the trailer fades out. “I will turn this city out.”

The upcoming biopic will also explore the scary moment the talk show host fainted on air after overheating in her Halloween costume in 2017.

Wendy Biopic
Ciera Payton, Wendy Williams
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Last month, PEOPLE exclusively revealed the first look photo from the Lifetime movie in which Payton reenacts the scene. In the image, Payton is dressed in Williams' memorable Statue of Liberty costume that included a green wig, a sparkly crown and a long-sleeved sequin dress.

Payton is captured with a stunned look on her face — similar to what viewers saw just moments before Williams dropped to the ground.

The film will be paired with a feature-length documentary in which Williams, 56, will discuss her path to success and the many experiences she's had along the way.

Speaking to PEOPLE recently, she said the biopic "is going to be very exciting."

"The movie is called Wendy Williams: The Movie. It's so funny, because we went through so many titles only to come back to the most basic thing," she said.

Wendy Williams: The Movie premieres Saturday, Jan. 30 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.