First 'Supergirl' Photo Revealed! See Melissa Benoist in Costume for CBS Superhero Series

Benoist wears a suit designed by Oscar winner Coleen Atwood

Photo: Courtesy CBS

Melissa Benoist is looking fierce and fashionable in the first photo released from Supergirl.

The new Warner Bros. pilot features Benoist (Glee), 26, as Kara Zor-El. She survived the destruction of Krypton and came to earth, but she has hidden the superpowers that she shares with her famous cousin from earthlings.

But now, with her over-the-knee oxblood boots that look as though they could have walked the runway at fashion week, Supergirl is poised to stop some crime and save some lives.

The costume is designed by three-time Oscar winner Coleen Atwood, who has also designed DC Comic superhero suits for the CW shows The Flash and Arrow.

Production has just begun on the CBS pilot, according to Variety.

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