By People Staff
Updated March 04, 2009 12:00 AM
Giovanni Rufino/CW

Spotted: Georgina Sparks talking to Chuck Bass!

Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays the deliciously evil Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl, is returning to the show beginning April 27 for the final four episodes of season 2.

This photo, shot on Feb. 24 with Ed Westwick (who plays bad boy Chuck Bass), was taken on location on New York’s Staten Island.

No word on what exactly this duo are up to, but we bet Georgina has something up her designer sleeve. When we last saw her, she had been shipped off to reform school after drugging and blackmailing her former best friend Serena and trying to steal her boyfriend Dan.

And executive producer Stephanie Savage offered a clue, telling PEOPLE during the show’s summer hiatus, “I don’t think there’s any boot camp in Idaho or anywhere else that will hold Georgina Sparks for long … I don’t think she was very happy with Blair. They have some unfinished business.”

And now she’s with troublemaker Chuck! The Upper East Side’s Queen B better watch out.

Tell us: Are you excited for Georgina’s return to Gossip Girl?Giovanni Rufino/CW