The actor is returning to CBS' soap opera

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Hold on to your hats, baby girls: Malcolm Winters is returning to Genoa City!

PEOPLE was on the set of CBS’s The Young and the Restless to see Shemar Moore, who affectionately refers to his female fans as baby girls, reprise the classic role that catapulted him to stardom. After a decade-long absence, Moore – who is about to begin his 10th season on Criminal Minds – will return to the daytime drama Sept. 10 and 11.

“There is not a 20-year career without Malcolm Winters,” Moore told PEOPLE. “This is my second family. I don’t take any of it for granted. I’ve been wanting to do this since I left.”

Moore first joined the sudser in 1995 and gave up the role in 2005 to star as Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds. His Y&R role was eventually recast with Darius McCrary (Family Matters) from 2009-11.

For Malcolm’s comeback, Moore will appear in scenes with Kristoff St. John, a longtime star of Y&R who plays Malcolm’s older brother, Neil. Moore won’t spoil why his alter ego is back in town, other than to say it is for family reasons.

But longtime Y&R fans will love this little detail: Malcolm and Neil discuss Drucilla, the popular character played by Victoria Rowell. (For the uninitiated, Drucilla was married to Neil but slept with Malcolm.) Sadly, the actress won’t be there to join in on the fun.

“I ran into her a couple weeks ago,” Moore said of Rowell. “I told her I’m sorry we won’t be all together. That would be pretty great, but as far as I know, Dru has passed away.”

“She’s in the river somewhere,” St. John deadpanned.

As for Moore’s return to Y&R, St. John added, “He eclipsed so many people on this show. His supernova was huge.”

Now, for the bad news, baby girls: There will be no undressing by Moore for this special guest appearance.

“There are two wardrobe changes and none of them expose the six pack, which is more like a two or three pack,” Moore told PEOPLE. “If you want to see me half-buck naked, go on the Internet.”

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