The Sexy Stars of 'Finding Magic Mike' : Where Are They Now?

Find out what the 10 stars of HBO Max's Finding Magic Mike are up to now after filming the show

Finding Magic Mike
Photo: HBO Max

This article contains spoilers for Finding Magic Mike

In December 2021, HBO Max premiered Finding Magic Mike, a reality series based on the 2012 film that put 10 guys through a Magic Mike boot camp.

While we sadly cannot provide more footage of or elaborate dance numbers from the charming aspiring Mikes, we do have a detailed primer about the making of the show here, and, with their permission (wink wink), we are happy to share a little more about each of the Magic Men (why yes, that includes relationship statuses).

Without further ado, here's what the cast of Finding Magic Mike was up to immediately after the series aired:

Austin Arizpe

Finding Magic Mike

Location: I'm based in Atlanta but travel to Los Angeles frequently for stunt work.

Post-show projects: Since leaving the show I've been working in stunts and was the stunt double to Matt Davis on Legacies, the Vampire Diaries spinoff.

Update: As a stunt performer, Arizpe has also worked on the television series Queens and the 2023 action movie Hard Matter.

Relationship status: I'm currently dating my gorgeous girlfriend Melissa Saint-Amand, who is also an actress (Ozark, The Premise).

IG Handle: Austin_Arizpe

Kevin Klass

Finding Magic Mike

Location: I am currently living in San Diego, California.

Post-show projects: Since leaving the show, I [rehabilitated] my broken leg which gave me the opportunity to focus my energy on myself, close friends and family. I am continuing school at the University of San Diego this spring and will be going back to part-time work as a bouncer at Mavericks Beach Club in Pacific Beach on the weekends.

Relationship status: I am single.

IG handle: kcklass

Ricky Negron

Finding Magic Mike

Location: Originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania, the least likely town to find male dancers, I have since relocated to Savannah, Georgia. I briefly lived in California before realizing that they already had too many skinny, and nerdy, Latinx lads trying to take my brand. I have a better chance of being the caramel-flavored Harry Potter in Georgia.

Post-show projects: Still not hitting the gym yet, that's for sure. After reflecting on my strengths and having heart-to-heart talks with Adam Rodriguez and my supportive brothers from the show, I have decided to leave the world of selling women's shoes to give it a go at comedy. I still believe that humor is my most attractive quality, paired with an impeccable dad bod, so I'm going to run with it and try and become the Jimmy Fallon of male strippers.

Relationship status: If Ariana Grande is asking, single. If Dwayne Johnson asks, single. If my girlfriend asks, I never wrote this. I am happily taken and fully available to brush up on my lap dance skills with her.

IG handle: rickynegron_

Adonis Frank

Finding Magic Mike

Location: I'm born and raised in Brooklyn. I might change my location to see if I can do more in the media and film industry but for right now…. Baby, I'm a New Yorker!

Post-show projects: The show has been such a life changer, I'm still working as a personal chef and a part-time flight attendant. I have been dabbling in acting classes because I want to see where this can take me one day auditioning and working for Issa Rae, Regina King or Denzel Washington. I never saw myself as attractive or beautiful enough to be in front of a camera but the show has given me that confidence to do more of what my heart desires.

Update: Following his appearance on Finding Magic Mike, Frank worked as a production coordinator The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Relationship status: Unfortunately I'm single, been single and I hate it. I'm what you may call a hopeless romantic and I feel like I'm the last of a dying breed. All my friends are getting married and having kids and I'm stripping on HBO Max! Seriously, I dream of the house, the marriage and the children! I want that real love vibe my grandparents had.

Bonus thoughts from Adonis: I went into this experience thinking a dark-skinned boy with no six-pack couldn't make it far or win. Defying those odds has put this battery in my back to fight for the regular guys. The guys with regular bodies and insecurities can definitely make it in this game called life. Having that confidence really helps, especially when you have been programmed with a failing attitude or feeling like you can't be as good as the light-skinned guy or the guy with the chiseled features. Finding Magic Mike gave me a magic I'll never lose.

IG handle: starrtender

Michael Thântrọng

Finding Magic Mike

Location: Long Beach, California

Post-show projects: I started taking ballet and jazz dance lessons and started training Muay Thai more seriously. I still keep in touch with many of the contestants and Magic Mike guys. If someone at HBO Max is reading this, I want a shot at a role on season 3 of Warrior.

Update: Thântrọng has appeared on Allblk's comedy series Send Help and Hulu's Welcome to Chippendales among other acting and modeling work.

Relationship status: Taken. She's a nurse and a horse trainer.

IG handle: michaelthantrong

Ross Harris

Finding Magic Mike

Location: I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Post-show projects: I returned to Arkansas and began pursuing my passion for home renovation and flipping houses. I have also been setting the wheels in motion toward starting my podcast which will focus on mental health, fitness and spiritual growth. I have also been doing some modeling as well as pursuing acting. [In October 2021], my life has been radically changed due to the fact that my son, Will, had to be airlifted to the children's hospital. After weeks of testing, our doctors prepared us for the probability that he [would] be diagnosed with leukemia. I have [been] by his bedside in the hospital and it's taken every bit of strength that I have to remain the positive, goofball daddy that he needs me to be. I know that he will pull through this, and I would humbly ask for prayers for my baby boy.

Relationship status: I am single.

IG handle: rossharris____

Jiovanni Teheran-Jones

Finding Magic Mike

Location: I am living in Houston, Texas. H-Town HOLD IT DOWN!

Post-show projects: Since leaving the show I have been studying to take the Universal Bar Exam in February which is my No. 1 priority.

Update: In October 2022, Teheran-Jones shared on Instagram that he had passed the Texas Bar Exam. He now works as a general counsel/senior consultant for Elite Change, a public affairs and strategic communications firm.

Relationship status: Since the show, my girlfriend and I broke up. I am single, but... I'm not looking to mingle just yet. I need time for myself.

Bonus thoughts from Jiovanni: I want the world to know that I thank the Magic Mike team and HBO Max along with all of my new brothers for this experience and the opportunity to build myself and my brothers up and that I found my MAGIC BABY!

IG handle: mr.wintheday

Johnny Dutch

Finding Magic Mike

Location: At the moment, I am based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Post-show projects: I've been really creative lately with writing and filming narrative content. As you'll learn from the show, I love zombies! I'm always conjuring up something new. I plan on vlogging to document my new start in a new city. Currently, I'm writing and creating film concepts. I'm quite quirky. My creative process is unconventional but the end result is worth it. I also will start taking more dance classes too.

Update: After winning Finding Magic Mike, Dutch began performing in Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas in January 2022.

Relationship status: I am very single at the moment. A warm cuddle would be nice this winter.

IG handle: dutchfilmmaker

Merlin Leon

Finding Magic Mike

Location: Denver, Colorado

Post-show projects: Since I left the show I've been taking care of my body to be even better than I was on the show. It's been pretty much eat, sleep, workout, repeat. I gained 15 pounds of muscle, did some promotional work for Meow Wolf Denver which is opening up, and I'm always working on local film projects in the Denver community.

Relationship status: Single

IG handle: Matthew._.Merlin

Nate Bryan

Finding Magic Mike

Location: Sacramento, California. Sactown!

Post-show projects: My time has been spent with friends and family, especially my mother since leaving the show. I ended up throwing her a successful surprise retirement party. Also, I've been trying to expand my knowledge in music production. I'm just ready to take on any opportunity after this show. It has inspired me to the fullest and I enjoy this industry.

Update: Following the end of the series, runner-up Bryan appeared in Magic Mike Live with Johnny Dutch in Las Vegas in January 2022. He subsequently joined the touring version of Magic Mike Live, which premiered in Miami in October 2022.

Relationship status: Taken.

IG handle: nate_the_great15

Finding Magic Mike is streaming on HBO Max.

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