Filmmaker Jessie Kahnweiler Takes Ownership of Her Eating Disorder

Here's the skinny on a new web series that tackles bingeing, purging and life in between

Photo: Amanda Hankerson

Los Angeles-based filmmaker and comedian Jessie Kahnweiler wants to put a humorous spin on what she says has long been a “taboo” topic: bulimia.

“I want to inspire people to ask questions,” she tells PEOPLE of The Skinny – her forthcoming web series about a feminist comedian “living, loving and really trying to deal with an eating disorder.”

She adds, “It’s based on some girl that I know.” And of course, that girl is a version of herself.

Kahnweiler, 30, says she decided to create (and star in) the project – which she is working on with wifey.TV and has created a Kickstarter for to finish post-production on the pilot – after finding nothing out there that spoke to her about eating disorders in a real way. But, even with experience creating short films based on moments in her life, it wasn’t without some trepidation.

“I was really nervous writing it and dealing with something so personal,” she says. “A huge question I had was: ‘Am I well enough to do this?’ ”

The filmmaker, who began recovery for bulimia roughly two years ago, says it’s something that will always be a part of her.

“I spent my 20s trying to be desirable, trying to attract a person, trying to look good,” she explains. “This series is about taking ownership of the issue through my own experience. All of those things I did that I would never tell anybody – that’s what made it into the show.”

(Warning: The teaser has some NSFW language.)

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