'FBOY Island' Season 2 Finale Ends in Major Twist That Leaves Male Contenders Speechless

Stars Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard and Tamaris Sepulveda had a tough decision to make about their romantic futures in FBOY Island's second season finale

Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones, Tamaris Sepulveda HBO MAX FBOY Island Season 2 - Episode 8
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This post contains spoilers from the FBOY Island finale.

FBOY Island really upped the ante for its season 2 finale, pulling off a twist that shocked both the leading ladies and their male suitors.

HBO Max dropped the final two episodes of the 10-episode season on Thursday. Going into the final stretch, the finalists were the following: Peter Park (FBOY) and Danny Louisa (FBOY) were competing for Mia Emani Jones; Mercedes Knox (FBOY) and Benedict Polizzi (Nice Guy) were fighting for Louise Barnard; Casey Johnson (Nice Guy) and Tom Carnifax (Nice Guy) were hoping to win over Tamaris Sepulveda.

In episode 9, the three women and their two remaining suitors endured a "Mansplain," where eliminated contenders spilled their true feelings on the finalists. But after Niko Pilalis (Nice Guy) professed his love to Tamaris, she chose to bring him back into the competition and eliminate Tom instead.

Mia, 26, Louise, 25, and Tamaris, 29, then embarked on 24-hour one-on-one dates with their two finalists. The second round of dates carried over into episode 10, ending hours before the ladies would be forced to choose who they wanted to leave the island with.

Like the streaming show's debut season, Mia, Louise and Tamaris were left with two options. If they chose a Nice Guy, the couple would remain together and split the $100,000 prize evenly. But if they chose a certified FBOY, the male contender would receive the full $100,000 — a move that would give them full control over whether or not the prize money was divided evenly. It would also immediately end the relationship.

Season 1 saw FBOY Garrett Morosky breakup with Sarah Emig and keep the prize money. But in a shocking twist, the $100,000 was abruptly taken from him and given to charity.

Keeping with the theme of unexpected turns, the finale episode — titled "The Men Have No Idea" — saw host Nikki Glaser present the three women with a secret third option.

"There's one more option," said Glaser, 38. "In the interest of leveling the playing field and giving you three the true power of choice here, ladies you can choose to break up with both of your top two men tonight."

The comedian added, "You could choose neither one of them and keep the whole $100,000 for yourself, just like an FBOY has the power to do if you choose him."

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Upon pointing out how "the men have no idea that this is even an option," the host noticed a panic rise within Mia — a woman who is most at risk of losing it all because she is left with two FBOYs. Nikki noted that Mia was "in a very risky spot up until now," but the new alternative means sacrificing Peter, 31, or Danny, 31.

"You've put a lot into them, but now you can kiss them goodbye and do exactly what an FBOY could or would do to either you, Louise, or you, Mia, tonight and take it all for yourself," said Nikki. "The true test begins now."

Moment after the men walked out, they were tasked with sharing one last plea in the fight to win over the leading ladies.

Louise was then the first to seal her fate, choosing FBOY Mercedes, 25, over Nice Guy Benedict, 31. Mercedes, fortunately, chose to split the money after she gave a tearful farewell to Benedict.

When it was Mia's turn to choose, she picked Peter over Danny. Her goodbye to Danny was gut-wrenching, as the New York electrician said she "swore" to him she'd ultimately choose him in the end. FBOY Peter also decided to split the money.

Tamaris then chose a different approach, opting to take the $100,000 over her two nice guys Casey, 25, and Niko, 29. Her decision left her two suitors and fellow cast mates completely stunned.

Mercedes, Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones, Peter Park HBO MAX FBOY Island
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"I choose myself," she said. "I can't be anyone's girl."

But Tamaris had one more surprise for everyone: "I came here as a ... FGIRL."

Nikki then explained what her decision meant, leaving both Casey and Niko in further disbelief. "Wow. That's good s---. Wow," Casey said, while an equally hurt Niko looked around in confusion. Mercedes then said, "What the f---?"

Speaking to the cameras, Casey said Tamaris — with whom he dropped the L-bomb — had "played the f--- out of me" and he's now interested in finding someone who is "ready" to commit. But he was also impressed with Tamaris' ability to fool him: "I'll give some respect. Respect is due."

Casey Johnson, Tamaris Sepulveda, Niko Pilalis
Hassen Salum/HBO Max

Tamaris went on to defend her surprising choice.

"Even though it was a very hard decision, sometimes you have to choose yourself, and that's never a bad thing," she said in a confessional. "I'm not gonna lie, I had fun. Just these guys wanted something more than I could offer them.

"Guys have been breaking up with girls and hurting them for years. Like, this is nothing new. And it's not like a smack in the face, like they didn't see this coming," she added, as a montage of clips hinting at her FGIRL identity played. "You want to be an FBOY? I can be an FGIRL."

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The first two seasons of FBOY Island are streaming now on HBO Max.

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