Farrah Abraham Says Her Mother Is 'Evil' After She Claimed the Star Had Multiple Mental Illnesses

Farrah Abraham says her mother, Debra Danielsen, “evil” after Danielsen claimed the former Teen Mom OG alum suffered from multiple mental illnesses.

Danielsen, 60, revealed her concern for her daughter’s mental health during an appearance on Shot Topics Monday morning, claiming the TV reality star, 26, was a narcissist who suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder.

“If you have Borderline Personality Disorder, if you have narcissism, any of these kinds of things, they’re all highly treatable,” Danielsen said. “All is not lost, but I will say that deep down inside I know my daughter. She is kind, loving and she is sweet and very compassionate. I think she works extremely hard, I think she just needs to step back a moment, and take some time and get healthy and take time for her so she can heal.”

However, Abraham told PEOPLE in a statement Monday, that her mother’s comments were was very hurtful and she was “sad to hear my own mother would say these untrue things about her own child.”

“It’s evil and alarming. After all these years, I still have her best interests at heart,” Abraham continued.

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The star admits she does have her struggles but denied suffering from what her mother suggested.

“Clinically & honestly, none of my TV show therapists & personal therapist have all said I’m balanced. I started therepy [sic] in my past at the age of 14 due to my mother and I not getting along as our family therapist sided with me about my safety and my life choices that my mother has never been supportive or caring to help guide her own children.”

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Abraham said her therapists “have come to the conclusion my mother is jealous” of her.

“I always wish my mother the best as I attended her wedding supporting her. Saying horrible things about your own child after I’m the only one who has ever strived to overlook her demons she fights daily against this brings sadness to our family and I wish her all the best for the sake of my health & safety I wish her all the best,” Abraham said.

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She added, “I hope she has enjoyed the Teen Mom MTV ride that Sophia brought to her life as I’m moving on from that toxic environment she dwells in. I hope she ceases talking about me since she does not love me she does not need to speak about me to stay relevant in a disgustingly hateful way. God Bless.”

Danielsen did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment on Monday.

The mother and daughter have had a fraught relationship for years, which was initially captured on camera for MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. In 2010, Danielsen was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse after she and Abraham, then 18, allegedly began arguing over childcare for the reality star’s daughter Sophia.

TMZ reported that Danielsen allegedly grabbed Abraham by the throat and then hit her. Abraham ultimately dropped the charges, according to E! News.

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In March of 2017, during an episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition — a program which Abraham appeared on with both her mother and her father to try and improve their relationship — the two got into an altercation when Danielsen decided to skip out on family therapy to go to a beer festival with her then-boyfriend.

“I like to be surprised, I like to go on little trips, too, but now when it’s a family boot camp and you need to be working on your family …” Abraham said.

“I’m not going to lose my boyfriend,” Danielsen responded.

“You can lose your daughter because you want to choose a man over your daughter,” Abraham replied.

However, in November, the pair seemed to have patched up their relationship as Abraham not only attended her mother’s wedding but also served as her honorary maid of honor.

“This is going in the family books!” Abraham captioned a series of images shared to social media. ”Congrats! To my mom & step dad 🎉✨💍 #tiedtheknot #married #wedding.”

Abraham shared inside photos from the ceremony to Instagram on Nov. 6, including snapshots of the wedding invitations and favors for attendees that read, “You Call It Madness. We Call It Family.”

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