The former Teen Mom star took her daughter to the Freedom Tower in New York in honor of the terrorist attack that took place 18 years ago
farrah abraham
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Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham made a hapless slip of the tongue on Wednesday in her 9/11 tribute trip to the Freedom Tower in New York City.

In a video posted to both her YouTube channel and her Instagram account, Abraham, 28, documented bringing her daughter to the site of the terrorist attacks that took place 18 years ago. But the trip has garnered attention not for the memorial, but because Abraham accidentally called September 11th “7-Eleven.”

At the beginning of the video, the reality star says, “Okay, so we wanted to do, since it’s gonna be September 11, in honor of the Freedom Towers, and observatory deck and everything, of 7-Eleven, we are going to do this. Wow, look at this guys.”

Abraham brushed right past her mistake to say how important she believes it to be that her daughter learn about the tragedy.

“I think this is gorgeous, beautiful, and in memory of a lot of loved ones, a lot of others lost,” she goes on. “I remember being in fifth grade when September 11 attacks happened, Sophia was not born yet, so I think it’s really important that Sophia learns about it, and here we go.”

“It’s pretty gorgeous here. It’s such a great day. The buildings are so beautiful,” she added.

“I kind of wanted to make this video while I’m here at the Freedom Tower for September 11,” she continued. “However we all deal with loss, I encourage you guys to check out my last videos for bereavement, depression, but it’s good to have a memorial for those. It’s great to visit loved ones and have good memories.”

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham and her daughter
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For an Instagram video with clips of the longer YouTube video, Abraham wrote in the caption, “In memory of September 11th , I was in 5th grade when this happened & now Sophia being in 5th grade we enjoy this experience watch now link in bio FarrahTube.”

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Instagram users were quick to point out the mistake, and several found the slip disrespectful.

“Its 9/11 not 711.. has the botox leaked into your brain,” one commenter wrote.

“take this down !!! So many mistakes and insensitivity” another added.

“Unfollowing right now. The fact that she said 7-11 is disgusting. She is using this horrible moment in history to try to gain more fame and exploit her child even more. So shameful,” another disappointed follower said.

Amidst the negative comments, Abraham added her own: “❤️🙏🏼.”