By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 06:07 PM

True Blood

is back and it bites … in a good way! Picking up right where it left off, the residents of Bon Temps have had no time to regroup since the maenad wreaked havoc on their tiny town. Sookie is frantically looking for her vampire boyfriend Bill, who disappeared during their date. Tara is reeling from the death of her boyfriend Eggs, who was shot by Jason in a confusing moment of panic. Sam has hit the road in search of his biological family, looking for answers about his shifty condition. Bill’s charge Jessica has sucked the life out of a trucker and is trying to deal with the consequences while still pining for her human crush Hoyt. Meanwhile, Eric and his Queen of Louisiana are going to find themselves in trouble if they don’t locate Bill, who, it turns out, has been kidnapped by vampire blood-addicted werewolves. The season 3 premiere was jam-packed but here are the top five moments that didn’t suck:

Eric’s Nude Scene
Desperate to find Bill – and getting no help from the law – Sookie rushes to Eric’s club Fangtasia, where she finds him getting … uh, very well acquainted with his nightclub’s new dancer. Although Eric isn’t behind Bill’s disappearance, Sookie’s trip wasn’t a total waste – thanks to a good look at Eric’s behind!

Bill Appears in Sam’s Dream
Getting rid of maenad Maryann required a huge sacrifice on Sam’s part – getting stabbed in the chest by Eggs. Luckily, Bill was on hand to save him with his magical vampire blood. The catch? The bar owner feels a new sexual attraction to Bill, who showed up sexy, shirtless and looking for a shower buddy in Sam’s dream.

Jason Loses His Mojo
When policeman Andy takes the rap for Eggs’s death, he advises the dopiest Stackhouse to go back to his old ways – namely, bedding women all over town. When Jason stumbles into a tryst with some traveling NYU students, though, he finds that he keeps flashing back to Eggs’s death, and envisions his partners with bullet holes in their foreheads. When Jason tells them this, the co-eds think he’s a psycho and flee.

Tara Tries to Kill Herself
Poor Tara! After the love of her life was killed in Merlotte’s parking lot, Tara is under the close watch of her cousin Lafayette until he has to take care of his shady vampire business, calling on her mom to take care of her. Never up for Mom of the Year, Lettie Mae allows Tara to slip into the bathroom where she does her best to swallow handfuls of pills.

Bill Faces the Wolves
He escaped his V-fiend kidnappers by causing a car wreck and fed on an old woman, who told him he was in Mississippi. Cue the howling! As Bill made his way through the woods, he faced a pack of hungry – or angry? – wolves. In the final scene, Bill attacks.

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