Fan Who Brought 'Stranger Things' ' Joseph Quinn to Tears Praises His 'Vulnerability' and 'Grace'

Kimberley Burrows tells PEOPLE Quinn sweetly clutched her hand and "was nothing short of genuine, caring and attentive" during an overwhelming, overbooked fan meet-and-greet

Joseph Quinn is seen on the front row at the Zegna fashion show during the Milan Fashion Week S/S 2023 on June 20, 2022 in Milan, Italy.
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A dedicated fan is sticking up for Stranger Things' Joseph Quinn.

During an appearance at the London Film & Comic Con, the 29-year-old actor who plays Hellfire Club leader Eddie Munson, took part in a meet-and-greet session with fans — only to be reportedly berated by event organizers because tickets had been overbooked, according to Dexerto. (The event organizer, Showmasters, did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.)

Even so, Quinn made the effort to meet with all his fans, according to one Twitter user, who wrote that "Joseph kindly tried to take his time with fans and this created a huge line/overcrowding so the staff kept yelling/pushing at him and fans to hurry up."

The next day during a Q&A session, a fan called Kimberley Burrows raised her hand to thank Quinn for his kindness. Quinn was then brought to tears during her touching message to the actor.

Burrows explained to PEOPLE why the meet-and-greet was so special for her. "Joseph gave so much of himself to us fans on Saturday and Sunday at London Comic Con," the fan explains, "It must have been so overwhelming to meet thousands of fans for photos and signatures on both days in the searing heat."

She continues, "I also wanted to acknowledge how kind he was to me, a blind fan with a guide dog. I was so nervous being at my first comic con around so many people, but he held my hand and was nothing short of genuine, caring and attentive."

Burrows sympathizes with Quinn's quick jump to stardom. "His life has changed so quickly and cannot be an easy thing to navigate," she says, "but he's done it with such professionalism and grace."

As for Quinn's emotion when she was speaking, Burrows says it wasn't her intention, "but I appreciate his vulnerability in that moment." She adds, "He deserves all kindness and respect and it was my pleasure to vocalize that to him — even if I was terribly nervous and choking up myself!"

Burrows also admitts that she never expected fellow fans, either in person or online, to be so supportive. "The cheers and applause were so beautiful to hear and encouraged me to keep going," she says. "My words were jumbled, but they came from the heart. I never expected it to leave the venue and be heard by millions."

She adds, "The comments I've received online from fans have been so heartfelt and even brought me to tears! Kindness is very important in this world. It's nice to be nice and Joseph is certainly the nicest."

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During a Q&A session, Burrows said to Quinn from the crowd, "Hi, mine's not really a question, it's just more of an extension of gratitude really. I'm sure a lot of us have heard what happened yesterday, whether it's true or not about how you were treated... I won't comment on it, but I just wanted to say thank you from all of us, we're really grateful you're sharing your time," she said.

Her message was then followed by a round of applause from the crowd which made Quinn begin to tear up.

Burrows continued, "Thank you for signing our things and spending time with us, for painting our summer. You were just so nice to me and my guide dog yesterday and however you were treated yesterday, we are so grateful, thank you."

Still crying, Quinn responded, "Aw why'd you do that? It's very kind."

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in STRANGER THINGS
Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) in Stranger Things. Courtesy of Netflix

Quinn recently spoke to PEOPLE about his role in the fourth season of the Netflix hit. For him, just being able to join the Stranger Things cast in any capacity is an "exciting" feat, and he does have "love" for Eddie.

"He's an audacious metalhead and he's in and amongst all the crazy action this season," explained the England native. "But I love him because I think there's many facets to him. I think you first meet him and he's very kind of adolescent and kind of attention-seeking and competitive and precocious. And then, through the events of the season, we see him in very, kind of, vulnerable positions."

Quinn added, "That's the kind of character that every actor wants to play. You want a range of stuff there. He was a gift."

Quinn also told PEOPLE about his experience working closely alongside actor Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Vecna in various forms throughout the season.

"It's so funny because he's kind of terrifying on camera and then you see him with these massive fingers and then kind of in between takes, he's got a ciggy in between them," says Quinn, 29. "It's kind of hilarious, this tiny cigarette and these big fingers. And just kind of watching him have an iced coffee is a pretty surreal sight."

If given the opportunity to swap roles, Quinn says he'd love to give Vecna a try.

"I think it would be pretty fun to have had a stab at Vecna," he says. "That would've been a fun one. Everyone else you can't touch. They're all exactly where they're meant to be."

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Seasons 1–4 of Stranger Things are streaming now on Netflix.

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