'Famously Single' 's DJ Pauly D Feels Smothered by Aubrey O'Day: 'I Don't Have Trust Issues – I Have Aubrey Issues'

"You have to start somewhere. I can't just move in with you right now," the Jersey Shore star says in a sneak peek


After last week’s "I love you" overload, DJ Pauly D is still trying to slow things down with Aubrey O’Day on Famously Single.

In a sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode, the former Jersey Shore star finds himself tucked away in a corner with O’Day while fellow cast members Brandi Glanville and Calum Best look on wearily.

“What’s going on over there?” Glanville says, pointing to the couple.

“I’ll tell you what it is: She smothers my boy, dude,” says Best.

As O’Day nuzzles into Pauly’s neck and kisses him repeatedly on the mouth, the reality star keeps his eyes wide open – but O’Day isn’t bothered by his apparent disinterest.

“I don’t even care,” she says. “I’ll kiss on you all night long and be rejected. I don’t give a f—.”

“I’m not rejecting you,” says Pauly, 37.

“Yeah, you are,” responds O’Day, 32. “But it’s okay, I don’t give a f—.”

During an on-camera interview, Pauly admits he’s having trouble expressing how he really feels.

“Dr. Darcy gave me some advice, and it’s communicate exactly how I feel to Aubrey … but I never do that,” he says. “So I’m scared to do it to Aubrey because I don’t know how she’s going to take it.”

O’Day, meanwhile, presses him to open up.

“You’re never going to find love if you keep shutting down like this,” she says. “We have trust issues.”

“I don’t have trust issues – I have Aubrey issues,” he responds. “I don’t want to talk about this no more.”

But O’Day doesn’t take no for an answer: “You know that I want you and you know where I stand with this and I know where you stand with this,” she says.

“Remember when I said I didn’t want to talk about this no more? Were you here when I said that?” Pauly says.

And that’s not all – a different sneak peek reveals what happens when the two sit down for a therapy session together, forcing Pauly to talk about his feelings.

“Don’t you want a serious girlfriend and [to move] into more serious places?” O’Day asks.

“Yeah, but you have to get there,” Paul says. “You have to start somewhere. I can’t just move in with you right now. You can’t put the windows in a house before you put the frame in. I want to put the frame in, then the windows come in second.”

As for what exactly Pauly needs to feel comfortable “putting the windows in” with O’Day? Time, he says – but O’Day wants to be swept off her feet now.

“I feel like I’m going to end up with a person that leaps through dragons and fires to get to me, and saves the princess from the tower,” she explains, as Pauly’s looks on, wide-eyed.

“This is why I’m glad I wait. Because I find out things like this,” he says. “It’s not a question of if I want to save you or if I’m hesitating or if I want to be with you, I do. You can’t save the princess right away. You have to climb up the ladder to get to the princess.”

Famously Single airs Tuesdays (10 p.m. ET) on E!

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