Faith Stowers Says Jax Taylor Should Be 'Reprimanded' Too as 4 Vanderpump Rules Stars Are Fired

"He continues to get a slap on the wrist," Faith Stowers tells PEOPLE

In the wake of Bravo's decision to fire Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni, Faith Stowers believes Jax Taylor should also be held accountable for his actions.

"I think for sure Jax needs to have somebody take a look into his behavior," Stowers — who appeared on seasons 4 and 6 of the Bravo series — tells PEOPLE.

In a resurfaced tweet from 2017, Taylor, 40, falsely claimed that Stowers, 31, was "wanted by the police," writing, "Someone's going to jail," after Schroeder, 31, and Doute, 37, spotted a tabloid article about a black woman wanted for theft and called the police to pin the crimes on her. And former costar Billie Lee has called on Bravo to also cut ties with Taylor, alleging that he "refused to film with me because I was trans and called him out on his white cis privilege." (A source close to production told PEOPLE that Jax did film with Billie Lee on multiple occasions during their time together on the show.)

Faith Stowers, Jax Taylor
Faith Stowers, Jax Taylor.

A rep for Taylor is not commenting.

Stowers and Taylor have a tense history. It was revealed back in 2018 that Taylor cheated on his now-wife Brittany Cartwright with Stowers. The storyline dominated season 6 of Vanderpump Rules, after Stowers secretly recorded audio of the sexual encounter on her phone that was later played for the rest of the cast on-camera. Earlier this month Cartwright, 31, also addressed racial allegations made against her by Stowers after the affair, saying, "She knows I don't have a racist bone in my body."

"It's not fair to have Stassi and Kristen removed from the show when Jax continues to just get a slap on the wrist," Stowers tells PEOPLE, bringing up Taylor's arrest in Honolulu, Hawaii, after stealing a pair of sunglasses in 2015.

"We all know he actually robbed a store and got arrested," Stowers says. "He should at least be reprimanded."

Taylor took a plea deal to avoid jail time and was sentenced to second-degree theft. In an interview with Bravo's Daily Dish in January 2016, he said he was "drinking a little bit too much" at the time.

"Obviously I feel absolutely horrible about it. I am human. I made a mistake. I apologized to everybody," he told The Daily Dish. "It's cost me a lot of money and I just kind of went into the mentality where nobody can touch me. And I kind of needed to be knocked down a little bit. It was a humbling experience. So it was good. Some good came out of that, what happened in Hawaii."

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright

Schroeder and Doute both issued public apologies for their past racially insensitive actions towards Stowers. But Stower says as of Wednesday night, Schroeder had not reached out to her directly. "Stassi has done nothing," Stowers says. "She made a statement, but that was it. I haven't seen anything from her privately."

As for Doute, Stowers says, "Kristen DM’d me after receiving pressure from people to."

Overall, Stowers hopes these incidents become a teachable moment.

"When they do realize the power that they have, I want them to utilize it for good. They shouldn't be shunned for what they did, that won't help them. I want them to listen and learn," she says.

Vanderpump Rules
Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute.

"Maybe we will see good things from Stassi and Kristen down the road," she adds.

In a statement on Tuesday, Bravo confirmed that Schroeder and Doute will not be returning to Vanderpump Rules, on which they have both starred since the show's debut in 2013. New cast members Boyens and Caprioni — whose years-old racist tweets resurfaced last winter — will also not be coming back.

The controversy began last week, an Instagram Live chat with Floribama Shore star Candace Rice, when Stowers recalled the incident with Schroeder and Doute.

"There was this article on Daily Mail where there was an African American lady. It was a weird photo, so she looked very light-skinned and had these different, weird tattoos. They showcased her, and I guess this woman was robbing people," Stowers said during the June 2 conversation. "And they called the cops and said it was me. This is like, a true story. I heard this from actually Stassi during an interview."

In 2018, Schroeder confirmed calling the cops about Stowers during an appearance on the Bitch Bible podcast. At the time, Doute tweeted a link to a news story about the woman at large at the time, writing, "hey tweeties, doesn't this ex #pumprules thief look familiar? someone put her on mtv & gave her a platform for press. I didn't wanna go there but I'm going there."

Stowers tells PEOPLE she is feeling "good about" what has happened, though she didn't expect "it would get this big."

"I brought it up two years ago and I felt I wasn't being heard, and now I'm being heard. I feel like Bravo and Lisa [Vanderpump] have also let me know that they're in support of me by making sure consequences came with those actions," she says.

After news of the firings broke, Vanderpump, 59, released a statement in which she said, "I condemn all forms of racism."

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