Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Celebrates Its 100th Episode


Bring out the hankies Sunday night as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition celebrates its 100th episode (7 p.m. EST, ABC). The two-hour special will revisit eight families from the show’s past five seasons, as well as highlight the touching story of a young man who was born without eyes.

“This kid plays trombone and he’s in the Louisville Marching Band–he’s in a wheelchair,” Paul DiMeo tells PEOPLE. “The hope these kids of give to other . They inspire us.”

DiMeo and fellow designers Paige Hemmis, Michael Maloney and Eduardo Xol say their show is about so much more than home improvements. “We give you an hour to sit down with your children and your family, to be together and learn some values and some morals and show children what’s out there,” Maloney says. “We handle a lot of diverse subjects and we handle them with a lot of class. It’s a platform for education on so many levels as well as building a home and giving somebody what they deserve.”

“It’s hard to believe this is our job,” Hemmis says.

“I don’t think any of us thought the rest of the country would feel it was as special as we did when we first started,” Xol says. That’s what’s been the most surprising to us.”

That, and the fact that they’ve ‘moved that bus’ one hundred times. When the Makeover crew reunited for a picnic with the past families, DiMeo couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Man, these kids have grown! We put them in bicycle (theme) rooms and now they are driving cars,” DiMeo says. “We’re going to have to go back and do it again!

As the show celebrates its 100th episode, tell us which ones were your fave? –Monica Rizzo


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