"What did you do to me?" Molly (Halle Berry) demands of her boss, Alan Sparks (Michael O'Neill)

By Lynette Rice
Updated July 17, 2014 07:25 AM
Credit: CBS

Houston, we have a problem: Molly’s got a brain abnormality!

In episode 2 of Extant, CBS’s Steven Spielberg-produced drama that debuted July 9, Molly (Halle Berry) confides in her doctor, Sam (Camryn Manheim), that an alien doppelgänger of her dead boyfriend Marcus may have impregnated her in space during those 13 months away from home.

Sam, however, thinks Molly may be hallucinating – a nasty side effect of a brain abnormality that also plagued former astronaut Harmon Kryger (Brad Beyer), the creepy ginger who’s been stalking Molly and warning her to trust no one.

Then again, Harmon does have a reason to seem paranoid. In a series of flashbacks, we learn that Harmon had the same spine-tingling space sighting that Molly did – but in his case, the “hallucination” he experienced was his housecoat-wearing mom, who could only utter a few words before he blew her out of an airlock.

Molly and Harmon come to the frightening conclusion that while they may have thought they were hosting experiments in space, the only true experimentation was probably happening on them. Great Jupiter!

“What did you do to me?” Molly demands of her boss, Alan Sparks (Michael O’Neill), who doesn’t give her much of an answer but delights in sharing the news of Molly’s pregnancy with the enigmatic Hideki. “They” may be finally “here,” Hideki replies, before adding how Alan’s daughter Katie is really the one to thank.

Say what?

At least we know more than Molly’s blissfully ignorant husband John, who has yet to learn about his wife’s 13-week-old human fetus or her newfound alliance with Kryger. But John is hardly lacking female attention these days: it already seems clear that his lab assistant Julie (Grace Gummer) is carrying a torch for her robot-building boss.

The real enemy may be closer than you think, Molly.

Extant airs Wednesdays at 9 on CBS.

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