Aliens and robots abounded in premiere episode of the new CBS summer drama

Credit: CBS

A fair amount of jet lag is certainly to be expected for anyone coming back from a 13-month-long trip to space. A bout of morning sickness is not.

So, astronaut Molly Woods (Oscar winner Halle Berry) is more than a little stunned to learn that her solo mission turned into a surprise party for two.

For anyone who’s seen the parade of promos for Extant, the Steven Spielberg-produced drama that debuted Wednesday on CBS, the premiere wasn’t exactly packed with surprises.

For instance, we already knew that a gorgeous man/alien who resembles Molly’s former (and late) boyfriend Marcus is probably who fathered the surprise she’s carrying – but this is news she’s keeping on the down-low from her husband, John (Goran Visnjic, formerly of ER), and her robot-son prototype, Ethan (Looper’s impressive tyke Pierce Gagnon).

Meanwhile, Molly’s sky-high activities are of keen interest to a CEO named Hideki Yasumoto (Hiroyuki Sanada, from Revenge and Lost), who not only is funding John’s mission to put a robot kid in every home, but also has a strange relationship with Molly’s boss at the International Space Exploration Agency.

For those shy about sci-fi, the premiere was blissfully free of geek-speak and high-tech future gadgetry – except for driver-less cars and a nifty outdoor trash compactor.

But the otherworldly stuff is sure to ratchet up as we learn more about how Ethan ticks as a mechanical kid, and how an infertile gal like Molly can suddenly carry a child.

Will the infant look like a pretty version of Marcus from space, or Ellen Ripley’s baby from Alien? Can’t wait to find out.

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