Her big pregnancy reveal spurs more fears than joy in the latest episode of Halle Berry's mind-bending sci-fi series

By Lynette Rice
Updated July 24, 2014 09:45 AM
Credit: Dale Robinette/CBS

Molly (Halle Berry) finally revealed her mysterious pregnancy to her husband, John, but the baby brought more fears than joy in Wednesday’s episode of Extant.

In the third episode, titled “Wish You Were Here,” Molly’s side effects of her space pregnancy were downright bizarre; she was seeing either strange circles pop up from her skin or hallucinations of Tim, the brother of her previous (and dead) boyfriend Marcus, walking around her birthday party. Only when John revealed that Tim was never present at their house did Molly realize the extent of her post-space condition.

“Something is happening to me!” Molly later exclaims to John. She’s got that right!

At least John now knows that his wife is pregnant, and both seem to believe the out-there story from the International Space Agency that Molly was a test case in some time-released-pregnancy experiment that happened before her trip. Nutty? You betcha – but there were just enough half-truths there to get Molly to stop thinking that a cosmos version of her dead boyfriend was the one who knocked her up.

“Why didn’t you ask me?” she yells to Alan about the mysterious “experiment.” He goes on to promise that he was truly watching her back.

Not for long, it seems: Though Alan convinces Molly that she needs to accompany him to the ISA hospital for more tests, her doctor Sam texts her in time to “get out of the car” and run for the hills. Molly does – but only after her space baby begins to violently kick up a storm in her abdomen.

That baby may arrive a lot sooner than expected.

Then, there’s the trouble that’s brewing with Molly’s other child. Ethan starts his first day of school, where intolerant parents of normal kids write him off as a “toaster with hair.” This leads to a nice speech from Molly about how being different isn’t necessarily bad, but then she misses how Ethan traps a dove in their backyard and stores it in the garage to play with it later.

Sure, he’s different – in the most menacing way possible.

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