Credit: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

Survivor: Micronesia‘s Ozzy and Amanda have already hooked up since arriving at the island, but things are getting steamy again between the favorites on this Thursday’s episode (March 19, 8 p.m. ET).

“This is definitely the biggest Survivor romance since Rob and Amber … the attraction between Ozzy and Amanda happened instantly,” says host Jeff Probst. “They tried to hide it by not hanging out that often and as a result you won’t see many shots of them together.”

Well, this one is certainly very telling. But is the romance for real? In earlier episodes, we’ve heard Amanda and her confidant Parvati (who once got naked in a hot tub with Ozzy on Survivor: Cook Islands) talk about using a sexy strategy to her advantage.

“It seemed pretty clear that Ozzy’s attraction was real,” Probst adds. “Amanda may have initially been wary of being ‘played’ but as time went on I think she began to believe in the love connection.” –Jonathan Stern

Tell us: Are Amanda and Ozzy really into each other?

Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS