By People Staff
Updated May 09, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

Sunday night, after finishing their last shoot of the season (at 5 a.m.!), the cast and crew of Desperate Housewives gathered at Eva Longoria Parker‘s new restaurant Beso in Hollywood to celebrate a job well done.

While a few of the Housewives called it a night and went home, Longoria Parker, Felicity Huffman and Dana Delany all stayed out toasting with Stoli elit signature cocktails with catsmembers James Denton, Doug Savant, Kyle MacLachlan and newcomer Justine Bateman. Guests munched on guacamole (Eva’s family recipe), paella and some of Beso’s other signature Mexican dishes.

The show’s creator Marc Cherry put together a bloopers reel from the past season will of botched lines and slap-fights and played it during the party — it was a huge hit with cast and crew.

“Eva thanked everyone for a great season and a great party,” according to one guest. “The party was great and all the guests had a wonderful time. Everyone celebrated together — cats and crew.” –Jennifer GarciaAlexandra Wyman/WireImage