Ex-'Bachelor' Stars Charlie O'Connell and Sarah Brice Split

Photo: Michael Williams/Startraks

The days of romance and roses are over for former Bachelor stars Charlie O’Connell and Sarah Brice, who have ended their relationship, O’Connell tells PEOPLE.

“Sarah and I actually just broke up. You’ll be the first to know,” O’Connell said Monday at the Los Angeles book release party for Anna David’s Reality Matters: 19 Writers Come Clean About Shows We Can’t Stop Watching, at Les Deux in Hollywood. 2:19

O’Connell, 35, was the bachelor on the seventh season of the ABC hit show in 2005, and chose Brice, 29, to be his one and only during the finale.

The couple called it quits once before, in 2007, but later reunited.

Of the current decision to split, O’Connell — the brother of actor Jerry O’Connell — said, “I think it was a mutual break-up. The thing is that we dated for five years … and were just arguing over the same things and stuff like that. And then eventually you’ve got to go your separate ways.”

But he has no harsh words for his ex and knows she’ll be just fine.

“She’s a great girl. I’m sure she’ll do great,” he told PEOPLE.

So, is there more reality TV in his future? O’Connell, who admitted he’s “hooked” on Celebrity Rehab and loves Celebrity Apprentice, says it’s definitely a possibility.”If it’s something that is exciting and fun, and not torturous, then yeah,” he said. — Catherine Donaldson-Evans with reporting by Bethany PowersMichael Williams/Startraks

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