Everything to Know About Netflix's 'You' Season 2

Season 2 will follow Joe Goldberg as he moves to Los Angeles

Just when you thought Joe Goldberg couldn’t get any worse, he’s coming back creepier than ever in You season 2.

The first season followed the bookstore manager (Penn Badgley) as he obsessed over customer Guinevere Beck. He continued his unhealthy fascination with her by monitoring her movements in person and via her social media profiles.

You premiered on Netflix in December 2018 after it aired on Lifetime and was loosely based on the Caroline Kepnes’ bestselling novel of the same name. Season 2 will stream as a Netflix original series on Dec. 26, 2019.

Here is everything we know the next season of the psychological thriller.

It’s based on Kepnes’ second novel, Hidden Bodies.

Season 2 will track Goldberg as he leaves New York City (and all the bodies he’s hidden) behind and moves to the West Coast. After settling down in Los Angeles, it doesn’t take him long to find himself a new subject of desire, named Love Quinn.

According to You showrunner Sera Gamble, the upcoming season is even more twisted than the first.

“I would say that season 2 of You, kind of, doubles down on some of the stuff that you might come to expect,” she told Us Weekly. “Moving the show to Los Angeles brought out a whole different side of Joe Goldberg.”

And if fans thought season 1 was a doozy, Gamble warns that things are only going to get worse.

“At least one scene comes to mind that’s gorier and scarier than anything we had in season 1,” she told TV Guide. “You will know it when you see it. Episode 2 of the season has my single favorite shot that I have been a part of in my entire career. My career is full of blood and gore and monsters. It’s also beautifully shot and the director who shot the second episode lavished a lot of love. Joe is forced to do something he really doesn’t want to do.”

Even Badgley teased a new level of gore.

You - Season 2 Penn Badgley

“There are some things I’ve done with prosthetic bodies in this [new] season that were kind of nauseating as I did them, I will say that,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

But before Joe can move forward, he must revisit his past. Badgley said the character must face the reality of his actions after killing Beck.

YouPictured: Elizabeth Lail, Penn Badgley

“There’s a revisitation of that with Joe in the second episode of the second season, where you get to see a bit more of the hard reality of what he did to her. Whereas you’re sort of, for better or worse, mercifully saved from seeing that in the first season,” he told ET. “That always haunts me, thinking of Beck. It’s like, ‘You really did that in the first season, and we’re still going, and people really like this guy?!’ That’s disturbing. In his mind, she’s not even dead.”

YouPictured: Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail

Season 2 will feature a few new faces.

It wouldn’t be a cross-country move without making some new friends.

The Haunting of Hill House‘s Victoria Pedretti has signed on to play Goldberg’s latest victim love interest, appropriately named Love Quinn. The two meet and quickly bond over the fact that they are both grieving a recent loss.

“I will say that Love is a person he could only have met after what happened between him and Beck. And by the way, Joe is not out there looking for love,” Gamble told Entertainment Weekly. “He’s truly heartbroken by what has happened, and so what Love offers is a different kind of friendship and a different kind of relationship.”

Earlier this year, comedian Chris D’Elia signed on to star as Henderson, “a designer hoodie, black Ray-Bans, expensive sneakers-wearing famous comedian with a ‘hard-life-lessons man-of-the-people’ thing working for him.”

Jane The Virgin’s Jenna Ortega and Russian Dolls‘ Charlie Barnett have also joined the cast.

The new season is already filming.

In February, Netflix shared a photo from the first table read of You season 2, sharing a shot of Badgley sitting next to Pedretti and Ambyr Childers (Candace) with copies of the script in front of them.

“And we’re back! First table read for @YouNetflix Season 2!” read the tweet.

It will be released in Netflix around Christmas.

You season 2will drop Dec. 26 on Netflix.

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