Even Stevens Star Christy Carlson Romano Hilariously Impersonates Shia LaBeouf on Cooking Show

Christy Carlson Romano has previously impersonated stars like Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow

Christy Carlson Romano has nailed a hilarious impression of former Even Stevens costar, Shia LaBeouf.

In the latest episode of her YouTube comedy cooking series, Celebrity Kitchen, Romano, 36, dressed as LaBeouf, 34, sporting a goatee along with a blue hoodie she wore under a red Hawaiian shirt.

"I am Shia LaBeouf. As many of you know, I am a very committed method actor. On today's episode, I'll be taking on the most challenging role of my life ... me," Romano said jokingly.

The actress — who played LaBeouf's on-screen big sister, Ren Stevens, in the hit Disney Channel series — served up a beef dish, which she called "Côte de Shia LaBeouf" for the recent episode.

While cooking the meal, Romano playfully poked fun at LaBeouf, claiming that the actor was "sensitive" during their time on Even Stevens.

"My costar thought it would be funny to put a fart machine under my chair. Do you know what I did? I went ahead and teepeed her dressing room," Romano said.

"That's right, you don't mess with the buff," she quipped.

Shia LaBeouf & Christy Carlson Romano SMASH Even Stevens BEEF
Christy Carlson Romano. Christy Carlson Romano/Youtube

Romano also joked around about LaBeouf's role in the 2019 comedy-drama Peanut Butter Falcon, saying, "I really wanted to immerse myself into the character. I was so excited that I went to a plastic surgeon and a confectionery chef and I had my entire body turned into an actual living, breathing peanut butter falcon."

"Unfortunately, my excitement was my downfall, as I went ahead before reading the script. Turns out there's not peanut butter falcon," she added.

After trying the finished beef dish — without using a fork — the Kim Possible star said, "Mmm, that's f----ing good."

"Shia LaBeouf is very pleased with how that came out," she said.

Romano later shared a clip of the show on her Instagram page, captioning the post: "So I finally had Shia on my channel...#celebritykitchen#shialabeouf #cutie."

In June, nearly the entire Even Stevens cast came together for a sweet virtual reunion to mark the Disney Channel series' 20th anniversary. Romano and Nick Spano (Donnie Stevens) led the reunion, joined by costars Tom Virtue, Steven Anthony Lawrence, A.J. Trauth and Lauren Frost.

LaBeouf, however, did not make an appearance on the virtual reunion.

The hit series, which premiered in 2000 and ran for three seasons before ending in 2003, followed a trouble-making seventh-grader Louis Stevens (LaBeouf) who constantly clashed with his older siblings.

You can watch all the episodes of Romano's cooking series on her YouTube channel.

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