By Patrick Gomez
July 14, 2011 09:50 AM

Wednesday’s Big Brother episode began with the veterans holding all the cards – but that did not last long.

As Head of Household, Rachel nominated the duo of Keith and Porsche at the end of Sunday’s episode with the intention of keeping her ally Porsche in the house and giving her the power of the Big Brother Golden Key – a plan orchestrated by Evel Dick.

But then, unexpectedly, Evel Dick disappeared in to the diary room and before long it was announced that he left the game because of “an urgent personal matter.”

Suddenly the veterans were sent in to a tizzy after losing a member of their alliance. But Jeff was able to wrangle them in to “buckle down, focus, and play this game.”

After criticizing Porsche for not wanting the Golden Key because she didn’t “want to just sit back and not compete,” Danielle was given a Golden Key because Dick left the house and she whined to the houseguests, “if you guys need me, I’ll see you on Thursdays.”

Hoping to be the “hero” of the “newbies,” Keith decided to call out Porsche and Kalia for being chummy with the veterans, but the plan backfired when the others decided Keith could be a “ticking time bomb.”

Going in to the veto competition, both Porsche and Keith decided to throw the challenge in hopes of sending their partner home, but intentionally losing the competition proved difficult against the duo of Jeff and Jordan.

“The person throwing the competition is doing better than me,” said Jordan of the superhero-themed competition that was eventually won by Rachel and her fiancé.

Having won “all the power this week,” Brendan and Rachel held court, using their position as leverage to make deals with every duo in the house.

In the end, “Brenchel” kept the nominations the same, and with both nominated houseguests believing they were safe, it was a toss up over who would be the first eliminated “hamster” this season.

But the main question remains: will the show be as interesting without Evel Dick?

As Jeff stated on Wednesday, “If Dick is not around for an hour, you’re going to notice.”