"This is not goodbye — this is, 'I'll see you later,'" she said during her final episode on Friday

Eve Jeffers Cooper is officially saying goodbye to The Talk.

After four seasons, the 42-year-old rapper's time on the CBS daytime talk show came to an end on Friday.

"It's my final show today, and I have been reminded of all the incredible times we've shared together," she said. "And these don't even include the fun we've had together off-screen — trust me, we've had some great times."

Joined virtually by co-hosts Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood, Eve continued by taking "a few minutes to let each of you know how much you mean to me."

"Ladies, you know we've had time to talk to each other and process a bit, which I'm so happy about, because right now I'd be curled up in a ball in this chair, probably, if we didn't have that time," she said, going on to express her love and gratitude for Osbourne, Underwood and Carrie Ann Inaba, who is battling the coronavirus.

"I've said it once, I'll say it again, I said it a few times, that I truly, genuinely, for real love you," she said. "I love you, Mrs. O, I love you, Sheryl. And Carrie Ann, I know you're watching, I love you."

The Talk hosts
The Talk
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Eve, who joined the panel in 2017 following host Aisha Tyler's departure, said she was "so lucky and so grateful to be a part of this show."

"I've learned from each of you ladies," she said. "I've gotten something from you all. Whether that's being more authentic, Mrs. O, or whether that is knowing who you are and standing your ground, Sheryl. Or whether that is opening up your soul, Carrie Ann, I have gotten so much from all of you."

She went on to thank them for their support — especially after she revealed last month that she was departing the show.

"I was so scared to call you and tell you that I was leaving because I was like, 'I don't want to leave.' It's the hardest thing. It's very bittersweet," she said. "The first thing that happened was you all were like, 'Girl, we're happy for you. You better go do — you got stuff to do! You better go!'"

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She thanked her co-hosts for making her feel "supported and loved," as well as the behind-the-scenes crew. "I've gotten nothing but support," she said. "And I've always only felt love and support every time I've come to set."

"I am grateful. I will be forever grateful," she concluded. "And like I said, this is not goodbye — this is, 'I'll see you later.' And thank you."

As Eve wiped away tears, Osbourne, 68, shared a few words. "I have to tell you, we never met before this show, but you knew my kids. And I said to my kids, 'Evie's coming to the show.' And they'd go, 'Oh mom, she’s the best, she’s so lovely, she's so friendly,'" she recalled.

"I knew that you were going to be friendly and a lovely person, but I didn't know how wonderful it would be," Osbourne said. "You've got your wings now, and you're flying."

She continued, "You are open about yourself, you care so much about what goes on in the world. You care so much about your community. And I feel that whatever your next steps are, whatever they are, it's not just going to be making a record and touring, you're going to do much more than that Eve Cooper. You're unstoppable right now."

The singer announced last month that she would be exiting the talk show at the end of December.

She explained that the decision was made after it was determined that she couldn't co-host the show from London, where she and her husband, Maximillion Cooper, are currently based.

Eve Maximillion Cooper
Maximillion Cooper and Eve
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"It's been a crazy year, obviously, for all of us," she said. "And I'm so grateful that I'm able to stay here in London and do the show, but I can't see for me, the foreseeable future of traveling back at the moment, and have decided that at the end of December, this will probably be my last time on the show, in this capacity as a host."

Amanda Kloots and Elaine Welteroth will join the The Talk as co-hosts for season 11 starting on Jan. 4, replacing Eve and Marie Osmond, who left the show in September after a year.